We Should Not Be Decived By Large Gathering, Catholic Church Are Losing Members – Mbaka Cries Out


Catholic priest and the spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria(AMEN), very Reverend father Camellus Ebenezer Ejike Mbaka has yesterday during the palm sunday homily cried out and advised the leaders of the Catholic church to take a critical look on what is affecting the today’s church. He stressed that the way most of the faithful are leaving the church massively is not encouraging. Therefore, it should be an issue giving much concern to the church than fighting each other.

The clergyman maintained that, the way sign posts for many and different new churches are emerging recently is worrisome, hence their new members are definitly from the Catholic church. He suggested that, something must be certainly wrong somewhere so, the leaders should step up and see how to handle it before it is too late.

The vibrant and outspoken man of God added that, things might appear as child play at a moment and would be seen as may be “Large market does not reorganize the absence of a single person and a heavy crab might be thought to be full of meat without knowing its empty. But the truth remains, we Catholics are losing members in mass.

Fr. Mbaka in his further statement said, when there is drastically reduction of the church members, the offering basket suffers

hence priest are ordained because there is church to take care of. If there are no lay faithful, there will be no priests attached. So, the concerns of the church members must not be taken for granted. He said.

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He referred to the day’s gospel on how Judas Iscariot was busy planning on how to betray Christ even when he is fully aware of his innocency. He added that, no one is above temptation not even the leaders. Recall that, Judas was the most trusted which is why he was made the treasurer of the church, but still he disappointed. He said, Judas’ level in today’s church as at then should be cardinal and not even a bishop but stil he was posesed by the devil. And once a minister of God is possesed either by the devil or satan, all his act will be satanic, demonic and babaric.

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He reminded that the church is universal and does not belong to any individual except Christ which is God alone with capital “G”. Therefore anybody who try to make him or herself a god over others must be seen and reffered to other gods which is with small g”.

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