Fear Of Imprisonment May Destroy APC As Implosion Looms In Cross River



…..Paul may sore, apollos may water the crops, but the fruitfulness comes from the lord of host

TODAY happens to be my birthday, being the 12th day of April, and I am exceedingly glad that I saw this day in one piece with all I go through daily in the medley hands of human devils on my trail. But sadly none except one person amongst many of the highly successful so-called rich friends I know sent me a gift. And in doing so he cautioned that I should keep it secret. And I have been wondering why despite the number of highly influential persons I have on my WhatsApp list which includes Governors both serving and none serving; some of whom I have had conversations with here on WhatsApp calls including serving cabinet ministers, senators et all, both on my Facebook and WhatsApp respectively who read my stories, but none sent me any gift to celebrate the occasion with, be it in a monetary form or otherwise.

IT COULD be; I guess because I didn’t herald the day loud enough or make a formal request for that maybe or because I am not in their category or class of men? I better not be. I now seem to place too much value on my Soul they say. Yes because, after the troubles, I am encountering here in this present life’s journey, I wouldn’t want to be made to go through this again when I am dead and my soul stocked down in the grave without transcending. A situation where a worthless herbalist from nowhere would not allow me to rest in the grave peacefully because he now finds the raw material suitable for his job and would be using my Soul to run errands for him day and night, rain or shine where I would be invoked from the grave and sent to harm other fellow humans as a ghost, night or day without rest or holiday until I become ripped for upgrading from a mere human ghost into a full-fledged Demon from where I would now be qualified to be hired by Sorcerers and Necromancers in a more classy and dignified manner to carry out bigger assignments of evil proclivities.

ALL these would take place due to indolence and if I accept to digress from living under the supervision and control by the dictates of an in dueling spirit of the lord in me to that control by forces beyond and out of me in the quest for a forcefully acquired power and fame through inducement, deceit, and blackmail over that which are ephemeral.

NONETHELESS, times are fierce presently in our country, and therefore whoever is bogged down with many thoughts of what way to go needs the right consultation from inspired humans who are less ambitious to offer them solutions that are unbiased, factual, impactful, and result-oriented.

I HAD always said and I am going to repeat it here again, that I joined the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a political party of choice all because of President Mohammadu Buhari’s chasteness at the time. I owe no one an explanation of whether or not I have been rewarded in the process. And to have a say politically over what goes on around my environment especially concerning who becomes the Governor of my state and the President over whom I will be ready to pledge my total loyalty in the onerous task of building a worthy society of egalitarianism and where “might” cannot be “right”. And where “right” can only be justified when the truth is made bare in all circumstances. And where integrity and empathy go hand in hand and become the nom upheld by those in leadership positions all across. And I had not relented literally on this opium since then. And I wouldn’t relinquish that now for anything’s sake.

HOWEVER, the evolution of history as a past event is about to rehearse itself again in my state of Cross river thankfully; pronto: “the Governorship contest that took place some time ago between His Excellency Mr. Donald Etim Duke from the South versus Dr. Joseph Okpo from the Northern Senatorial Districts of the state which I also played a role is about to repeat itself”. This is what we are about to witness in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections which are billed to take place next year, the Lord willing. And the make or break contest is going to be between the two rival parties namely, the APC and PDP as the preamble now seem to play out itself with palpable indices pointing to that scenario.

THEREFORE those who are to handle the various party primary election within the two parties must do so diligently and with caution against what we hear of some underhand inducement taken place from those with an unquenchable drive to become what nature has not destined them to be.

IN the midst of all that, we, members of the old APC were quite shocked and bewildered when an irresponsible statement took a center stage on the social media recently to incite unnecessary delirium credited to the present imposed state chairman of our great party the APC known for his choruses which comes with syncopation and glim to attract concern meant to exude vague power often to herald his presence and centrifugally which were intended in this case to obliterate the popular and public pronouncements of the state Governor done in good faith aptly presented over an issue that tickled the sensitivity of a plurality of people incognito who are battle-ready to resist the temptation of having their rights vanquished over that which was inspirationally issued out by the party headship in respect of where the successor of the incumbent should come from in line with the agreed pattern.

THE counter proclamation of our new master of ceremony in the person of the imposed state chairman sounded incredulous to the ears to have anyone toy with such a highly hailed inducement stunt meant to amass massive public support championed by the Governor in readiness for an election that demands stratagem, persuasiveness, and the sentiments expressed in response thereto by denizens gives chimney to its efficacy.

THIS was incredibly so preemptive because it is in line with where the party enjoys wider acceptability especially when it has in its fold a leading and unbending aspirant who also enjoys a cosmopolitan endorsement in the person of Senator (Prince) Bassey Otu whose candidacy towers far above those now vying for the same position in both parties who are from the same Efik ethnic group of the Southern hemisphere, same like the Prince.

The state chairman, therefore, has no right whatsoever to differ from the position held or pronouncements made by the Governor regarding the zoning preferences of the party uniquely suited and articulated rightly, which was categorical and peculiar to its circumstances simply because some underhand inducements had taken place as alleged followed by the expression of discontentment by some party members including stakeholders out there.

THOSE party members especially from the Central Senatorial District of the state are now using the outcome of the recently concluded by-election where our candidate who is now in the National Assembly, chief Ngaji defeated his counterpart of the PDP at the Ogoja elections as the yardstick for measuring the organizational structure, functions, strength, and readiness of the party as well as the individuals from the area in question in the light of that event, which they now claim is a representation of the ability of their zone in gaining victory for the party in future elections owing to that singular incident ab-initio, are not only elusive to contemplate but has all the entrapment hollowing discontent driven by mischief.

AND such assertions are baseless and watery especially so, as most of those trumpeting this falsehood didn’t have any role to play nor did they play any at all to the best of my knowledge. Whereas, everything the party had in the state was deployed to see to the success of that particular election. And in addition, you had the entire stakeholders of the party converged at Ogoja all for just that particular election to the detriment of the other elections that were to take place in the state, especially in the Southern Senatorial District of Akpabio, Bakasi, and Calabar South simultaneously.

THE argument to consider in the whole scenario in practical terms here in my opinion is this, that a candidate from either the North or Central Senatorial District of the state can defeat someone from the South in a general election that involves the entire state such as the Governorship race only when that particular candidate in issue is a product of a consensual arrangement of both the North and Central in support of the party from which the fellow emerges from to give such a person the overall confidence needed to run against a Southern candidate, otherwise, it will be highly competitive or near impossible to win.

THESE include and are not limited to a candidate from the Ejagham tribe with headquarters at Efraya, the local government headquarters of Etung, which is said to command the largest single ethnic majority in the state and cuts across the three Senatorial Districts that speak Ejagham being a tribe to which I belong paternally. This is so owing largely to disunity prevalent in and around the various ethnic cleavages or tribes down there.

WHILE a candidate from the South of the same status and disposition especially an Efik person of either from Calabar Municipal, Odukpani, Akpabio, Calabar South, or Bakassi can run against anybody from both the Central and North and win based on his or her disposition and popularity without going into any consensual arrangement apart from a cosmopolitan endorsement gotten on account of their acceptability of those around. Such a person can run on his or her merit against anybody with or without consensual interferences and win against a candidate coming from these two zones comfortably. Do you know why?

THIS is so because whoever is popular and known by everyone that lives in the capital city of Calabar and its environment and had risen to the level of a Senator, Minister, or a highly respected business Mongol especially an Efik or Qua person born and bred in between Odukpani, Akpabio, Bakassi, the Municipal and Calabar South, Biase or Odukpani such as Senator Bassey Otu (Sweet Prince) is, a consensual arrangement is unlikely to be stricken in such cases either with the Quas/Ejagham of the municipality, those in Akamkpa or the Biase people compulsorily if the person has a cosmopolitan appeal which Senator Otu has in abundance coupled with his generosity.

THE stranger elements within the municipality and its environs, with a greater number of Akwa Ibo-mites around, in this case, would prefer to vote an Efik as their first choice before any other tribe appealing for their votes. So too; is an Igbo person resident in the South. In short, the entire stranger elements residing in and out of Calabar and the adjoining local government within the pricing of Calabar would vote an Efik to any other tribe here in cross river state in an election between those from other areas, I bet you on that. And the number is usually huge.

SO any attempt to short change the old members for those coming into the party newly no matter their pedigree and financial power will spell doom for APC. And among the old members vying for governorship positions between those from the two senatorial Districts of South and Central, the Efik in the quality of Prince Bassey Otu will serve the party better. The other Efik person who could’ve given Senator Otu a fight from where we would have had a choice if he was deeply involved in this race, is no other than my great compact friend, Etubom Architect Bassey Eyo Ndem. He is a highly consummate entrepreneur and a monoqueen of the sort who is an asset to our dear state.

THIS is why the zoning arrangement by the Governor most peculiar to APC sounds logical because of the quality of aspirants here, especially Senator Bassey Otu’s candidacy amongst others. That’s not so with every Efik person seen in the race especially those aspiring from our rival PDP conglomeration yonder except for an infinitesimal few such as Sir Arthur Jarvis Achibong and His Excellency Barrister Efiok Kobom, the rest pretenders in the race are paperweights.

WHICH is why the choice of having Senator Sandy Onor on the other side of the divide heightens the stakes and makes the game highly competitive. He is the only PDP person to reckon with that could be said to be in the race for Governorship against APC. Any other person chosen would be a walkover for our party with Sweet Prince Otu at the saddle. I am sorry for the digression. I hope those parroting around with disjointed English would not accuse me again here of being a PDP sympathizer simply because I mentioned my friend who is also their friend at night hours, Professor Sandy Onor. Why won’t I say something about our opponents while at the same time advising my party on the right decision to make and the person to choose who will give us victory by sticking to her earlier zoning arrangements?

To do otherwise would spell doom for APC as the sentiment of ignoring any Calabar candidate for someone elsewhere at this material time especially when the zoning arrangement has been made to sink deep into their subconscious, will not augur well however you preach the sermon, they’ll be an implosion of that tribe to join the PDP or the entire Calabar person over such blunders, quote me on that. I speak as an Oracle and I say the truth before the Holy Spirit and I fear not nor lie.

BUT if you ask me for my predictions of who the possible candidates of both parties may be, I will tell you right away here that, and this is if both parties are willing to put their very best material out from those presently vying for the position of Governor. Then the contest should be between High Chief Senator Bassey Otu (Sweet Prince) of the APC, against Prof. Senator Sandy Ojang Onor (Ntufam) of the PDP, for the entire Cross River people to decide who becomes their Governor.

PLEASE, do have a wonderful Easter Celebration with gusto, Amen…!

IF the Lord does not protect the house, the watchman, whoever he or she may be, watches in vain.

End Time Message.


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