What Exactly Does Bishop Matthew Hasan Kukah Want?

Bishop Matthew Hasan Kukah


…..The lord is the one keeping nigeria not an individual we all live on its grace

NOBODY who loves this country and is set to embark on making inflammatory and incisive statements should claim to mean well to the country. Is good to say what one knows he or she can’t defend than for them to defend that which exposes their ignorance and turn them into compound fools and irredeemable flesh-eating vultures.

WHEN the practitioners of Churchianity fail flocks of members they lead off their promised redemption, they put the entire blame on the doorstep of circularity and the inability of political leadership to give direction whereas they all had claimed that they’re representative of the all-knowing and powerful God that controls the universe who can do all things they say in response to prayers. And can change any situation if called upon by prayers. Then, why not tarry awhile? The truth is that Impostors always look for scapegoats to leverage. Where they don’t find any, the cry wolf attracts attention to themselves.

IT IS indeed a function of paranoia to witness a fully grown-up man acting like an infant and still wanting to be given the treatment reserved for an adult in terms of attention, regard, and compliments even where his actions are childish and weird.

PEOPLE sometimes mistake grandstanding for courage whereas is just an act of showmanship. That is what Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah’s rantings represent and who he is for what he has made himself to be today in our society.

IF for instance you give out any advice to the one you consider to be reasonable and mature enough to hear and reason with you from the distance where you expect the person to act on what you have suggested and the person refuses, the right and proper thing to do in that instance are for you to either change tactics, your manner of delivery, approach or you decide to carry out actions yourself capable of addressing what you think should be, that is; if you have the posers or authority to do or effect whatever it is you complain about.

THAT singular action would in itself behavior have inspired courage in many people in the case of Bishop Kukah to join him in whatever it is he sets out to do in what many views as his secret agenda, from being grandiloquent to addressing one whose presence and position such as General Buhari is, a President of the country, attracts fear and adoration by many including himself and under whom he was supposed to conduct himself properly as a subject under his authority than blowing his air on nothing just because he is a Bishop and expect to be, respected and whose words he feels should be taken hook line and sinker.

IN THIS case, you cannot continue to say the same thing in different languages without result and still claim you’re being reckoned with or are achieving anything order than grandstanding. And that for a clergyman of the caliber of a bishop is not only shameful but a disgrace to the body he represents, and in this case the Catholic Church.

I WONDER if someone is not misleading the Bishop in a way to be seen acting indiscriminately the way and manner he does. Why are there no people to advise him properly or does it mean that the Catholic Church does not now have a code of conduct regulating how those at the level of Bishop should conduct themselves in the public? In the case of Kukah, I am afraid the notoriety of his outburst does not show that he cares much about what people think of him in the circumstances than the pleasure he seems to derive from the faint applauding he gets from those with troubled minds for sheepishly attacking a man in whom there is excessive power given to him under the law to destabilize the operation of those who negatively undermined his authority in the way he deems fit and hell will not get lose of fall for anything sake as he would have been the cause of his troubles anyway, so.

LUCKILY for Kukah and others who take pleasure in speaking rubbish over what they do not have a solution to in the immediacy, the current President is neither emotional over matters like the bishop appears to be nor is he usually perturbed by what people like the bishop kukah say or do in ignorance of their implications. I am pretty sure if the Bishop were to be in the position of the current President he wouldn’t have tolerated all the rubbish barfing from his mouth unmindful of how the President feels. And that is what keeps the country still going strong despite negative assertions from people like the Bishop capable of provoking the President if not for the highly tolerable nature of Buhari.

THAT of course wouldn’t have been possible during the reign of former President Obasanjo both of whom are military men with temperaments developed to retaliate decisively against such unwarranted public insults no matter from whom.

I HAD expected the Bishop as one who appears to be adverse to this government in the way and manner he has conducted himself so far, to have first of all relinquished or keep away from anything that should bring him in direct touch with the government or anything else which will make him appear as a confederate to their actions or inactions. By this I mean he was not to be seen giving attention as he does to overture extended to him to partake in anything whatsoever that has to do with government in any way or form at the level he does and stay aloof as a priest.

SUCH position will indeed augur well and would create the atmosphere suitable for carrying out his work as a Bishop in addition to that which he has chosen for himself, which is that of criticizing government mainly using his position as a Catholic Bishop. And not as Kukah a northern Christian hiding under the cover of a Bishop to foment trouble on behalf of his brothers and sisters who are an indigene of a section in Kaduna they claim belongs to them whose relations still leave back in the same community harboring Muslims of a tribe against whom they’re perpetually at war with, whom they accused of extirpating them from their ancestral land of those said to be of the same ethnicity with the current President. Now that is something bizarre you would say.

BUT in situations where the Bishop continues to crave to have an audience with the President he publicly disparages him for doing what he considered not right, only to show how important he is by posing in photography feigning friendship with the same person he says does not mean any good or worth anything, is the height of absurdity. That to me is the highest form of hypocrisy ever, for one whose noise-making was supposed to reflect his character traits. And that unfortunately is what Bishop Matthew Kuker isn’t, period.

HIS latest outbursts characteristically of the Bishop where he continued to run down the President, exemplified an act of cowardice without a minus. Does it mean that the Bishop is bereft of something else to preach about to his church audience other than talk of the government, whereas there is myriad unethical behavior perpetrated by most clergy and the mistreatments prevalent in our society that calls for reprobation? Especially those occasioned by strife which is been carried out amongst individuals and communities including those often aroused by persons like himself from a distance who appears to be uncompromising, without the mention of the person of Buhari at least to spare the President and government that for now.

THIS would’ve been nice and would go a long way to giving his message a wider appeal for those who think otherwise since the causes of that which we find happening today in the country didn’t start with Buhari the magnitude of which is caused at this time and season largely by the present political fight going on between the different groups to accomplish their dreams to attain power at the very top, and may inevitably not end up immediately no matter who is there as president, regardless of whatever their claim is?

SUCH an act by the erudite but highly derailed Bishop, could only be viewed as a political talk in favor of the opposition who often say the very thing he dwells in without realizing the negative and incisive influence contain in it. And the bishop should know intuitively that that’s the light in which people all over receive his messages, especially that said against the government of the day and their perception of him. Especially so because ever since he embarked on his self imposed crusade against the current administration head by President Mohammadu Buhari over several of his talks which has neither solved anything nor affected any change, the obvious thing was to stop or take a break.

To imagine that the Bishop still squandered his valuable time talking when they hadn’t been any results from its inception resonates with the moral question being asked by most people of what precipitates or drives his actions. Should it be that there is something he gains from that which he does that we as people do not know about?

THE country is presently hot. Why make it boil, when you; as a known Bishop who is also from the Northern part of the country, have the opportunity for who you are to sue for dialogue or worse, go on your knees to the Lord, God Almighty privately in prayers. There is nothing the LORD can’t do. Why should a Bishop with such a rating not believe in those dictums? Catholic Church that I know; being one myself, is not a place these days where one tries to mislead the public into a senseless action without first proffering solutions in other to cub such debacles. And I am not a Church fanatic to be in support of such confusion and mindlessness, particularly at this moment in time. And to say the obvious, Catholicism does not accommodate fanatics or outlaws, and warmongers. When exactly, if I may ask does the Bishop want?,

End Time Message!


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