2023: Ike Cubana May Be Disqualified Based On Waiver By APGA NWC

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…APGA group vows to work against the party, if….

Chapter 5, article 27(f) of the APGA constitution states; to qualify for participation in APGA primary, an aspirant must be a duly registered member of the party, for a period of not less than 18 months, prior to the national assembly primary election, unless waived by the NWC in accordance with article 24(8) of the APGA constitution 2019.

What this means is that no aspirant who is less than 18 months in APGA will be cleared to contest the national assembly election except he is granted waiver by the NWC.

However, what are the conditions that could make the NWC to grant a waiver to an aspirant like Ikenna Iyiegbu who is barely two weeks to the party.

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However, Akelicious gathered that some petitions have been submitted to the NWC against granting a waiver to someone who is not up to a month in the party and has no major contribution to make except coming to run for an election.

There are insinuations within the party that Cubana brothers have met with some party officers and have settled them and would be granted an express waiver. It is not clear how they settled them. But we all know how a party officer can be settled.

The implication of chapter 5, article 27(f) is that Ike Cubana who is contesting for house of reps, Idemili north and south federal Constituency will be disqualified by the screening committee having not stayed up to 18 months in APGA.

I am not aware that the NWC of APGA has sat to grant him waiver before the screening. The law is that he ought have been granted waiver before the screening. The screening panel is not the NWC.

The NWC can only sit to approve the report of the screening committee and not to grant waiver after the report would have been submitted.

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This is politics. The law must be followed. Those colleting bribes to subvert the law are only destroying the party more.

Meanwhile, a group in Idemili north and south has vowed that if the party ticket is giving to Ike Cubana, the party members in Idemili will ensure APGA loses the election in 2023. A member of the group said, “we have been loyal to the party, we have worked so hard to ensure Idemili remains APGA, it will be an affront for the party to neglect all of us and hand over the party ticket to the House of Reps to a total stranger. If the party tries it. It will be the end.”

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To worsen the situation, there are insinuations that it was APGA leaders who went to beg Obi Cubana to present himself for election which he declined and offered to present his brother. The group said it is an insult as such insinuations imply that APGA members in Idemili who have ensured victory for the party in the past elections are not valued.

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