There Will Be NO Russia, If US Unleash Its Full Military Power- Trump warn Putin

trump and putin

DONALD Trump warned Vladimir Putin there “would be no Russia” should the United States opt to unleash its full military power.

Donald Trump insisted the United States is holding onto better nuclear weapons than Russia as he issued a stern warning to Vladimir Putin. The Russian President put his nuclear arsenal on “high alert” two days into his invasion of Ukraine in February, fuelling fears of the conflict evolving into a global conflict. But speaking to TalkTV, the former US President warned Moscow that Russia would no longer exist should the US deploy its own arsenal.

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He said: “At the same time, they have a second degree of weapon that is very powerful, and nobody can be allowed to use it, talk about it, threaten with it.

“We have more powerful than them, and there would be no Russia, there would be no Russia.

“But we don’t want to talk about that.”

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