This Pretence And Innuendos In APC Are Unacceptable

Obi Ojiage


….We can not allow proxies brought into a serious business as that of a governorship race.

LET those who have shamelessly indicated an interest in coming out under the pretext of aspiring to be what they know they’re incapable of; go and buy the Governorship nomination forms first to show their commitment and capabilities. If they’re two, three, or five, of those with firms, the numbers are complete. The party should work with those to avoid mercenaries. And not to fuel the number of capable aspirants just to foment confusion and stalemate the entire exercise. Otherwise, all of us would now declare to contest Governorship in Cross river under APC. What? it has now become something of ridicule to behold.

FORMER members of PDP now in APC must not be allowed to cause our failure as a ruling party. Their sisters and brothers left behind in PDP are seriously watching us. General elections are not party affairs but one determined by the entire citizenry of Cross River. We must not introduce tricks or be parochial about it, or else we fail. I am a witness to many such blunders that lead to failure. And the President General Muhammadu Buhari has sounded a note of warning on that phenomenon.

Some of us have labored too much for this party to have it been messed up by opportunists now in the saddle. I shall make my stands known in writing in an open letter to the President if the approach and nocturnality persist or go to court as a concerned party. I am not an appointee of Government at any time nor am I a beneficiary of their laggees and I have survived every conspiracy against me by all manners of men for truth sake, yet I am still looking healthy, and sound enough to stand for the party at all times. Money is not everything. Those who are applying all manners of tricks to acquire it shall vomit it in later days.

We all cannot declare to aspire to be Governor when we know we’re neither capable nor incapacitated to bear such a hidden burden be it financially or in our acumen and preparedness. This childishness must be made the stop. The anxiety is making those who should speak up become docile while things are going bad. I can’t stand aside and watch. Only for this to blame it on the President Mohammadu Buhari as usual.

I am a public writer, critic, politician, ardent supporter of Buhari, and an opinion molder of note. I have written countless essays to that effect where I denounce treachery and inordinate behaviors disguised as a work in progress by those saddled with the responsibility to carry out certain tasks on behalf of the people. And this cannot go unmentioned otherwise I will be termed a Hypocrite which I am not. I stand for truth, fairness, and justice.

End Time Message!”


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