If You Want God To Bless You With Money, Do Not Do These 3 Things


Many people, like Solomon, have disappointed God after he provided them with an abundance of money and success. I’m confident that God will reward you as well, but please don’t repeat the three points I’m about to discuss. 

Before we begin, I’d like to remind everyone reading this post that money is power, and “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts totally,” as Lord Arton puts it. When you have money, you have power, and when you have power, you are more likely to be corrupted. If you don’t get this, you might believe that money is a bad thing. Take some time to consider it.

1. Do not encourage the spread of evil. 

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Make sure you’re not wasting your money on things like pool parties, buying alcoholic beverages for buddies, and providing lodging for friends and their girlfriends. God despises such behavior, and if you don’t change your ways, he will not only make you poor, but also your descendants. Why are you putting yourself in jeopardy of the Lord’s wrath? 

On this planet, we are stewards, and whatever God gives us is to be used for His purposes. Under no circumstances should you misuse what God has given you. You should not marry two ladies just because you have adequate money.

2. Don’t oppress the poor

God despises oppression, and those who mistreat the poor will always face His vengeance. Under no circumstances should you take advantage of a lady because you are assisting her. The fact that you feed your children does not imply that you should make them work. I’d want to reiterate that God despises oppression. 

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3. Don’t put the money on the table. 

You were always praying and hoping on God when you didn’t have a place to sleep, something to eat, or something decent to wear. He blessed you, and now it’s impossible for you to even pray. You go out on Saturday night to a club and then miss church on Sunday due to a hangover. Either you serve money or money serves you. “No one can serve two masters…you cannot serve God and money,” the Bible teaches. We are to put our trust in God rather than our money. Every believer should realize that anything he possesses is a gift from God, and He has the right to take it away at any time.

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The apostle Paul’s question to the Corinthian believers should continually remind us that God is our supplier. We are serving money if we begin to believe that we now have everything we need; we have plenty of money so we don’t need God; or we let our love for him to wane.

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