We the girls do not want broke guys, Men should give us money because we are girls – Bobrisky


Controversial crossdresser Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, who’s known as Bobrisky, has used his Instagram account to give advice to the ladies, which he classified himself as one to avoid dating broke guys or having so much to do with them, and then went further to ask the men to always give them (the ladies) money free of charge because of their gender, amongst other things. Although there’s been a massive rise in the number of ladies that seem to be sailing towards being independent, especially with the high number of advocates for girls’ independence, some people still believe that because of who they are or perhaps their gender, men ought to still give them money freely, and one can’t deny the fact that it does happen still.

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According to Bobrisky, while giving the ladies advice, after mentioning a few names, he asked them to repeat after him that they would never meet a broke man, but rather one who would beat them and give them money without expecting anything in return. He further used himself as an example to explain that whenever he tells guys that some other guys used to give him money, the guys do ask him what kind of service he renders to be given that money like that.

In his words while talking to men now, “men should give us money because we’re ladies, classy and beautiful.” We don’t want broke guys. “

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