It Is The Bare Truth We Need At This Time As APC To Defeat PDP Not Sentiments

APC To Defeat PDP


……We should do our best the lord will do the rest

WE shouldn’t make the mistake as a state or a party especially as members of the ruling party the APC when replacing the present PDP candidate in the National Assembly is it the Senate, Federal house, or any of the houses of Assembly with a greenhorn otherwise we would be ready for retrogression as most people put their best in front.

LEGISLATIVE business needs the cognate experience of one who has evolved than replacing experience hand with one who is going into the business of legislation as a fresher simply because the fellow there does not belong to the same political party with us or because the fellow vying has had exposure as an appointee of government at any level and therefore is most qualified for the job of a legislator at the level of the National Assembly, no. This is why the business of legislating has no fixed tenure. The state cannot afford such gambling at this time of our struggle to meet up with other states of the federation. If we must make a replacement it should be someone who has had the exposure once as a legislator from the lower chamber of the state house of assembly now made to ascend higher, that makes sense. I say this without prejudice to no one but for the benefit of the state and the truth.

NOW, one like Honourable Oqua Edet Oqua, a former member of the state house of assembly suites that description of one who can be the best, and good enough to affect the replacement of the current PDP person at the Federal house, now representing Calabar municipality and Odukpany Federal Constituency. I don’t believe in sentiments, I believe in doing the right thing and calling a spade a spade, and not twisting things to suit certain interests of where I have my inclination when I know that does not serve the general interest or good. No, I don’t. That’s why I am where I am and what I am. What is worth doing, should be done right.

WHICH is why, conversely, to succeed the current Governor and for us to retain our current position as the ruling party in the political atmosphere we now have in the state, we need one of Prince Senator Bassey Otu, with such ubiquitous portraiture and gregarious following to stand the desperation of the opposition PDP who wants the seat of government at cost and understandably so, and are ready to do anything, especially in the areas of the person and personality of the candidate we put forward as our party’s flag bearer. Any blunder will see us crumble. God forbid that, you would say. But it needs us to do the right thing devoid of sentiments or parochialism.

MINE is to see that our party succeeds and is not interested in picking cheap money from aspirants in their desperation. I can do a favor to a friend or brother who is worth my attention no matter the party or circumstances, as I do for Senator Sandy Onor or Senator Owan Enoh and now Prince Oqua Edet because they’re worth talking about, but I do not comprise truth nor betray trust.

WHEN the current Governor and the leader of our party in the state say he would prefer to hand the government to someone who is from the Southern Senatorial District and gave his reasons which are content with convincing evidence, I knew Prince Otu is the only one who fits well in that arrangement from the South. And the only one who can win the election squarely for us, and I go for him. And that remains the truth. It is for the sole interest of the party. Anyone with a better option than the Prince should come up to challenge our arguments with facts as it relays, to the present situation we’re in.

I AM a contented man. I know how to abound or be obese. And besides, no one of the candidates can pay my price except perhaps the current Governor for what I can do at the finishing line in this field as Comrade Obi Ojage; but I don’t hanker. The White man says I am good at my stuff, no one can say any less. I have been around for a pretty long time in this game except for my three consecutive years of absence during which time I was in the unholy hands of the evil ones from which the Lord saved me, and I know everybody of note and the intricate heretofore. I am humble but radical right from birth. I don’t show off. I know what to say to ricochet tension or ignite discourse in favor of my candidate, and I equally know how to blackmail the opponent with facts over prejudices and especially because I am not a very ambitious man. I have lost interest in this time. I rather work for my incarnation and stand for truth and gain less materially than falter. let’s see how it goes.

End Time Message!


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