2023 Elections: Is PDP Not Contesting?

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Everything about 2023 elections seems to be from APC. Those buying forms, rumors of contestants, who will betray or is betraying the other, people buying forms and taking pictures with it, the many threads and stories about Tinubu. Even PDP members like Reno Omoikri are always poking their nose into APC affairs, trying to guess who Buhari will pour his anointing oil on like Prophet Samuel or who will step down for who etc, almost as if PDP has already conceded defeat to APC in an election that is still far away.

Also not left out are the Nairaland wing of PDP, they know all the names of APC candidates, they even know who Buhari has anointed, they know everything about APC, they even got to know who the APC chairman would be even before some hardcore APC members, yet very little news or activity from PDP itself. I don’t want to even talk about all the other parties.

The only person in PDP that seems to be doing anything serious at all is not even Peter Obi, rather it is Wike.

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