Juliet Ibrahim shares about colorism and its impact on her life #WithChude

Juliet Ibrahim

Actress and Singer, Juliet Ibrahim sits with Chude Jideonwo, host of #WithChude and founder of Joy, Inc, to share the impact of colorism, and how she handled abandonment in her previous marriage.  

On the impact of colorism on her life, she said “Everybody has that perception that light-skinned people have it all, but like everybody, we are human beings. Growing up, I suffered a lot of esteem issues, and my skin color was one of the reasons. Everybody thought I was favored and that I didn’t deserve what I got every time I got it, but I was an A-student, and I will compete with the boys in class. I knew I had to learn to pass because for my parents at home for me to become the musician I wanted to, I needed to pass. So, I studied. It was not because of the looks that I passed. It has taken a toll on me over the years because people think that I got to where I am today because of my color and my looks.”

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“Another thing is that as an actress I suffer a lot to get movie roles because there are not too many that are light skin to pair you up with as parents. So, sometimes I have lost movie roles because of that. It is a lot because even in casting in movies they will want to cast you as the home breaker, husband snatcher. So, there is this narrative they put lin the mind of people that watch the films, and I feel like that is why Light-skinned people get misjudged in Africa,” she added.

Juliet also shared her life after being abandoned by her previous husband and the decision she made. She said ‘I told my mum that I was filing for a divorce. My mum was like ‘are you sure, what are people going to say’. And I was like, to be honest, I know that I have never wanted to raise a child as a single mother. My mum raised four kids by herself and I know what she suffered. I knew how I had to become the father of the house because I was the first bone. So, I saw everything she went through, and was I ready to go through that? But, I was like, No, I don’t think He and I are meant to be together. If we were meant to be together, he won’t do what he did. 

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The best decision was that I move on, and I can also find my own love, somewhere else, keep that friendship between us and we can co-parent happily.”

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