I Give Him 24 Hours Otherwise, I Will Post All Evidence On The Internet – Korra Obidi To Justin Dean

Korra Obidi, Justin Dean

U.S Based Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi has taken to her social media account to issue a stern warning to her estranged husband to refund her money which he allegedly stole from their joint account.

Korra Obidi narrated that when she got to America, she did not have a personal account. She said she was using a joint account with her ex husband until he allegedly sent her out of his house one day and she decided to open her own account. 

However, Korra Obidi said she mistakenly sent $5,000 to their joint account yesterday. By the time she woke up this morning, she said the money has vanished from the account. She then proceeded to send him a message to refund the money he took from the account. 

I Give Him 24 Hours Otherwise, I Will Post All Evidence On The Internet – Korra Obidi To Justin Dean

Korra Obidi said it was her hard-earned money and she mistakenly sent it to the joint account but her estranged husband emptied the account immediately. She said he has been taking advantage of her silence but it is about time she broke out of that shackles. 

She said she would not be silent henceforth. She said she has been the only one taking care of her children without collecting a dime from him yet, he is allegedly stealing her hard-earned money. 

She said she has had enough, hence going forward, she would start talking about all the abuse she experienced while she was with him and also provide evidence to back it up.

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“At this point, I am no longer silent. I am going to come out and I am going to talk about all the abuse and everything if he keeps stealing from my girls. I will not sit here and watch a man take advantage of me and my girls. I will fight with my blood.” –she said

“If he doesn’t return this money, I will come out with all my evidence. I will show him for who he really is. No more Mr. Nice guy.” –she added.

She said she is not the first woman to get a divorce in America and definitely would not be the last. She said she isn’t going to sit back and watch a man take advantage of her again. 

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