Why Would APC Do This To An Innocent Man?

Jonathan, Adamu



HANDLERS of the current President’s image which encompasses those who claim to be his main men at the presidency and within the national body of the APC as the ruling party, cannot be said to love General Mohammadu Buhari and at the same time are in dead silence over the antics employed by those fascist in the opposition parties who are out to cause the corrosion of the little left of the President’s credibility and assertions.

THESE persons can’t feign to be ignorant of all the negative things going on in the polity that smudges on the image of their benefactor being in the person of General Buhari which calls for their reactions individually and collectively as an expression of their love and care for he whom they claim to cherish indeed who has graciously given them such an opportunity wholly to serve the country in the position where they’re today.

This is as opposed to what happens to some of us none appointees equally brilliant and courageous out of conviction with no ethnic affiliation to put up with the task of recognition, for relentlessly working hard in the face of imminent threats to our lives where we used our platforms in the various media outfits, in our resolve in defense of the President and the promotion of the activities of our party, with virtually nothing to show for it to date, unfortunately, other than being conspired against even as members of the ruling party, the APC.

THE preponderance of vices like greed, corruption, hypocrisy, lies, hatred, enviousness, and segregation is been shielded and encouraged in our beloved country Nigeria today due to the unacceptably high rate of poverty in the land to which the larger portion of the aggrieved population is encumbered. As such, many people barely want to find a way of survival than bothering themselves by looking into what those in authority are doing or not doing, be it right or wrong. Except for the effort put by some selected outspoken journalists and few of those who have taken up activism and are courageous enough to condemn acts of lawlessness and the entrenchment of corrupt practices in government carried out by those in leadership positions entrusted with funds meant for development purposes which are usually squandered with ignominy.

THE most unfortunate thing for this country is that most of what nature has endowed it has not impacted the well-being of its citizenry. Contrariwise, all of what the Lord of Host that operates in the void as a Ghost and Holy, otherwise known as the Almighty, Allah or Jehovah had tried to get our county Nigeria working again through different leadership especially that of the current president, General Mohammadu Buhari, have been subverted somehow in the existing government by many of those in authority who have snickeringly found themselves in the ruling party and incidentally are said to be enjoying a close relationship with Mr. President.

THESE fellows equally, quite amazingly; are confederates of some heartless and beastly reckoning actors who are the ones perpetrating evil in the country. They go under the pretext and fanfare provided by democracy to supplant themselves as the president’s unofficial advisers who now coax him to validate the tenets of democracy which, going by their interpretation means that the current president has to do away with those authoritarian ways and manner he was known to deal with those who are said to be corrupt, feigning ignorance of what the effect of such sudden change of attitude may have on his image about the current happening in the country against what Nigerians of all shades of opinion share in common concerning the man General Buhari as one who does not compromise on those ideals he is known to cherish and uphold.

DECEITFULLY, these deviants in Agbada and Babariga outfits, some with Holy Koran and Bible in their hands, continue to convince the President in his innocence to go against the very high moralities and components that made him unique and outstanding the world over where leaders across the globe used in sighting examples of how a leader should be. All of this was done to create avenues in the system that would encourage them to equally carry out their method of statecraft that involves looting the little of what is left in the country’s treasury while the whole blame is shifted to the president as usual and not the various state Governors nor themselves who are allegedly involved in open embezzlement of funds entrusted in their care meant for development purposes.

Mr. PRESIDENT is often scapegoated and described as one who is weak, cloudless, and less in charge of the affairs of the country, whereas they’re those behind the scenes who suggested to the president not to apply ion-fist on those alleged to be corrupt and the perpetrators of other vices, to avoid a situation where he (The President) is viewed continually by the public as a tyrant and not a Democrat which he is deemed to be.

AND to complement their strategy of blindfolding the president further, they are said to have hands in the sponsorship of the various acts of banditry and all the killings taking place in the land to provoke massive distraction to the government while they continue in their enterprise of looting of everything on the sight. They are said to be in league with those who often assured the President that everything is OK, only for him to be confronted with another killing spray too many, more embarrassing than the last incidents and it continues unabashedly, rendering all the assurances given by the President to the people of the government’s readiness and moves to crush the criminal; lethargic. Whereas all that is alleged to be the handiwork of insiders who are out to scuttle every effort of government in furtherance of their enterprise.

AS if they’re not done yet with this virtuous man whose image they have succeeded in bringing to canvas. They’re unwittingly in their collective deceit struggling surreptitiously in many directions than one to erode the only credibility left of the General in the heart of many Nigerians who held him in great esteem; leaving office in months.

THESE they’re doing by prodding the showcase of the former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan whom the current President once derided, and who was also unseated as an incumbent due largely because of his acclaimed gross ineptitude, lack of integrity followed by the massive embezzlement that took place under his watch as echoed by Europe and American governments against which they were firmly in the support of his defeat and ousted unbelievably as the incumbent president.

TURNING around to see the very individual being showcased as one who can do better in the present circumstance we find ourselves than what the current president has achieved or is doing, is an indictment of sort on the present government under General Buhari in whichever way it’s been viewed. Such an act is at the pinnacle of clear mischief and nothing short of that. Why must that be tolerated for god’s sake? Especially when the current leadership is struggling tooth and nail to retain power or is committed to doing so assuredly. And would need Nigerians of all persuasion to vote it back into power during the forthcoming general elections. What would that feel like?

NEWS of the adaptation of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as APC candidate by some sponsored mischief-makers in concert with some bloggers to reinvent the man to avoid prosecution in the future, is now everywhere and has taken discomforting proportions. How on this earth can one be talking of adopting a man as a candidate in a party he is neither a member nor has he ever indicated an intention to be a member of such a party; against where they are notable figures as favorites of the party not known to have betrayed any signs that suggest they may be willing to concede to a total stranger which Jonathan’s candidacy would’ve meant, and yet no one is saying anything to correct that?

This is very misleading and goes to show how the entire country is been wired and characterized by hypocrisy. Everything has turned out to be topsy-turvy. No one wants to be seen challenging such anomalies ever. That is just because everyone is guilty of one misdemeanor accusation or the order to claim sainthood.

IT is inconceivable how on earth would some indiscernible elements are known to be associated with a ruling political party with a government that said all these concerning former president Goodluck Jonathan, allowing stories of the very man whom they denounced as being the cause of our woes, taking the front-burner in the news all over the place. And indicating that Nigerians have now realized the importance of Jonathan’s good works whom they condemned as her new messiah and to which they’re persuaded to believe that his coming back as the successor of the current president will be the solution to our problems. What?

AND all these are occurring before the current president’s own eyes at least with the knowledge of his handlers, which has photographs of Jonathan all over the place as the one good enough to accomplish the task of building the nation which the current president purportedly had failed to do as their succession plan implies warranting a successor of Jonathan’s caliber to the rescue. How?

AND all these the government is seen to be silent about without making any statement categorically as they usually do against other issues with similar content meant to place the President in a bad light, to correct the impression or put a stop to such a lie, especially when Jonathan is supposed to achieve the said come-back through the party platform in which the current president now oversees as it’s sole leader, the All Progressive Congress (APC). What an impudence and unconcern displayed of mannerlessnesss unmindful of how the president may feel over what they’re doing, demonstrating no fear at all in carrying out such sentiment. And you call that democracy? What Democracy is that where the President’s portrayal is being bartered?

THERE must be a conspiracy involved to allow that to take place nevertheless. Undoubtedly, even if the former president Jonathan was considering running for president which is his right to do so anywhere; under Nigeria’s Constitution, his first port of call would’ve been his party the PDP. Nobody has said for once that he has left the PDP. All we keep hearing is his attempt at running for the office of president on the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) a party to which the current president belongs. What a treat that is seen as an insult to our collective sensitivities as members of the ruling party (APC).

I CAN NOT comprehend the rationale in all of these. Why the handlers of affairs at the presidency are unwilling to condemn this in the strongest of terms. Or those concerned especially leaders in the party refusing to see through the gimmicks and all the unconventional incidences associated with the office of the president they crave to retain at cost, as something that is meant to denigrate the image of the current president, to warrant doing something drastic as a party to rescue the situation from degeneration. Why would anybody choose to regale the president this way, especially a man with Buhari’s cloud of inamorato? There must be something that the handlers of the President know that those of us as outsiders don’t know perhaps. Or they’re out rightly wicket in allowing all this trash-talk to happen to an innocent man.

WELL, again that is what the entrenchment of evil can do in society and especially when those who are adhering to various deities and sources of evil are now those in charge at the helm of affairs.

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