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I HEREBY reiterate my earlier post a few weeks ago in which I cautioned those handling affairs of the party regarding the various issues as it concerned the party primary elections especially those of the Governorship, to be mindful of the danger that may arise from accepting every dick, tom, and harry on the bases of a mere pronouncement of intention to contest governorship bit made without allowing those admitted as true aspirants for being those who must have purchased the forms, before engaging them in a dialogue of any kind, may throw up the confusion of an unimaginable proposition for the party to handle, is sure beginning to rare its ugly face. If wishes they say, we’re horses, beggars would ride.

As if I didn’t complain about it, because I knew a lot of those parading are either taking a chance, opportunists who are aiming to reap where they did not sow, or outright spoilers, if tingled, for a fee. All of which I have been vindicated?

besides, we thumb up to Senator John Owan Enoh (able Joe) for his importunate actions in keeping up with the demand of the party, who has spent time and money to keep it afloat, for some time now as joint responsibility and had vigorously undertaken what is considered a high-level campaign to sell the party and his candidacy, even though it wasn’t the time for that, he showed readiness and preparedness for the job he seeks. He exudes confidence at all times in whatever he chooses to do the extent to which many not knowing him enough, considers his display of alertness and intrepidity for arrogance or braggadocio.

JOHN OWAN is not any of such character at all. Is just a coincidence of misjudgments whose blame, I share likewise. He is a devout Catholic and highly projective human being who derives his strength mostly from the multitude he stretches to help. They all want him to be relevant to have help dripping down their end continuously from Joe, understandably so.

AMONGST those parading as aspirants in APC today, Senator John Owan Enoh is the only one close in character to Prince Bassey Otu in terms of generosity, willingness to reach out to the trodden, and both enjoy great following in the state as a result of that singular act. But only one man unfortunately is to be nominated for the position of Governor on the party’s platform for this time. And Prince has been chosen. Owan should hold his breath. There is always another time. And it abounds. And the Lord’s time comes without much sweating. Imagine the two times Prince Otu lost the election to continue in the Senate out of no failure on his part but caused by high-handedness on the part of those at the saddle as if the world would fall. But today is sunshine. So shall JOE’S day come too?

CHIEF Christ Agara, a highly notable personality is not left out here, God forbid! He is a known Philanthropy who keeps a low profile but penetrates profoundly in his resolve to pursue and conquer. This is so evident in the huge successes recorded in his oil and gas business concerns including agriculture. And is often one name that resonates chiles, synonymous with the mention of the current Governor; said to be his business partner and still parlay, was he who brought in the party, and rekindled hope of a moneybag resonance in the party men and women’s racy mode in expectations of goodies.

CHIEF AGARA is said to have collected and submitted his nomination form for governorship promptly in Abuja, dulled out #20 million Naira as a donation to the party as alleged, deserved commendation, great applaud, respect and reciprocal accord howbeit, for his seriousness and conformity to rules quietly, not bull-dozing his way through, by using his friendship with the Governor to get things done as a man with cash. He remains our pillar of this project, he must not allow it to fail.

WE plead that these two great gentlemen in our party the All Progressives Congress (APC), should show understanding for the sake of the children who are suffocated and yearning for some breeder of fresh air envisaged in our dear state further which would only come if the party wins the general elections which may be accomplished at a cost against the opposition, the PDP, convincingly.

WE also commend the philanthropic gestures and vigorous campaigns across the length and breadth of the state, by Engineer Ben Akak who has shown great enthusiasm and yet, endearing himself, to many, besides all odds, was the first to acknowledge the consensus agreement initiated by the party from which a candidate emerged and did congratulate Prince Otu, even though it was not the wish of his teaming supporters, he still conceded for peace to reign in the party. I can’t thank him enough. Surely, party men and women in the positive do share a similar respect for him as I do?

SO too is Engineer Nsa Ekpenyong Asuquo, a relatively new entrance to the party who brought in cash with the intention to meet money for money, but who later acknowledged the supremacy of the party as being “sacrosanct” according to his own words, and pledged to work with the party’s consensus candidate Senator Prince Bassey Otu and urged others to cooperate with the party’s choice to enable it to win the coming elections. I praise his capacity to let go of what he has dulled out just recently to give Sweet Prince and the party, that uncommon support. He is a true Efik son by all intents and purposes, we hail him.

WE all saw the trojan movement and engagements of the youth across the entire length and breadth of the state occasioned by the former commissioner for finance Asuquo Ekpenyong Junior, who had the intention to run for governor and pray he bears with the current Governor for the choice of Prince Otu, as now is not ripe for his ascendancy to the highly demanding position of Governor of our dear state as it is right now as a youth who though exudes greatness.

HIS EXCELLENCY Mr. Donald Duke who is often been quoted for his youthfulness at the time he was elected Governor of the state, had a touch with history. He was able to pilot the state the much he did because of the inner spiritual strength in him at the time, derived from the grail message of Abd-ru-shin, he imbibed, and the innocence of those who were either set to oppose him or those rooting for him. But now the situation has changed dramatically and needs somebody who comes with other advantages besides youthfulness to be able to contain the onslaught from rival groups. And adequate handling of the problems bedeviling our people, which the candidacy of Prince Otu is billed to ameliorate the Lord’s will.

EVEN the bay-side man or woman today are no longer toddlers. They can boast of money at their level and exudes confidence and consciousness of self brought about as a result of their exposure to the opportunities that abound in the inner workings of government to their awareness that was never there hitherto to warrant prodding or questioning of the authority of whoever is at the helm of affairs thenceforth.

APART from Engr. Nsa Asuquo who formally declared to run for Governorship position at the party secretariat amidst fanfare, where he donated an expensive new brand Bus worth #40, million, for its use as alleged, in a display of his readiness to go ahead with the processes, the rest parading themselves as aspirant know why they do so.

THESE lots of desperados choose to be counted as aspirants without undertaking nor fulfilling any of those routine procedures for their acceptance, came around even though reluctantly, as some were being called to come; either because the party in the state still faces the acrimony between the new and old members against which there are no sling to probe suitability to determine entrance, or those came because of their familiarity with the current Governor where they hoped, as usual, something would give to accord them a place overnight where they did not sow.

WHAT a conscienceless projection that is, for those too, to so assuming ascendancy in a party where persons of equal expectation had worked tirelessly, incurring expenditures to keep it afloat of men and activities, to now relinquish their stakes and dreams to be attained on the platform of the same party, all of a sudden; to accommodate this. Is that practical?

EVEN when the party demanded only for those with structures within the party to come forward, these spoilers still disregarded that order and came forth claiming to be aspirants. The question is, where would they have gotten the endorsement from when they had just defected a few months ago from the PDP for reasons none of them are ready to explain to us other than their dream of becoming Governors overnight in APC. I hate untidiness and undue favoritism. It kills loyalty.

Much as we admire the kind-heartedness of the Governor towards those he knows or who seek his help often and obtained by them, even where they are usually nondescript, all because they offer thuggery, we must not allow that to be commonplace at this moment in the final display of the wit as the ruling party. The issues at hand are lethargic, drowning, and almost required caution considering the implications of going into the election with well-rooted and contentious lots in PDP, desperately looking to turn the table in their favor against an incumbent who looks irrepressible, requiring a distinct approach in order not to rock the boat and bring shame to all of us.

NOBODY in the party and around the state doesn’t know that Senator Prince Bassey Otu of the All Progressive Congress (APC) is the most promising choice for this time than most; to face the people’s Democratic Party, (PDP), truth be told. But we must not be seen as if we want to push it into people’s throats by force of coaxial or let it get into our heads. Do not claim macho-men over when there is genuine resistance. “That’s not Prince Otu”.

WE must find a way around the disagreement or contention quickly. And hope those who are aggrieved know the party is imperial. Except they want to take advantage of lapses to play a spoiler rule. But where does it lead one?

THE Prince Bassey Otu I know and for whom I jointly work to see to his enthronement as incoming Governor by the Lord’s grace, does not allow anything to go into his head to cause intemperance. He is a calm, collected, and unassumingly accommodating man who’s worked extremely hard to get to where he is today. And treats people according to their worth, not on their grandstanding proclivity to herald their king kong-ness. And does not show desperation for that which is in the Lord’s hands.

THEREFORE we shouldn’t as a party allow alien and spent forces and opportunists to help jeopardize our collective effort at success. Nor allow this chance to elude us by acting “Man” in a project purely initiated a long time by the Lord of Host, I beg us.

“End Time Message!”


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