Adamu Garba Reacts To El Rufai’s 2013 Tweet Following Murder Of 200 Level Female Student

Adamu Garba, El Rufai

A couple of days after the initial reactions and condemnation of the beating and lynching of Deborah Samuel, a 200 level student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, things took a different turn. As it seems, in condemning Deborah’s death, some authorities kicked against blasphemy, noting that it was a redline that ought not to be crossed, especially as it relates to the Prophet Mohammed.

However, following the remarks about blasphemy, twitter users dug up a tweet made by Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai in 2013. Seemingly, reactors began drawing a comparison betwixt the redlines that should not be crossed and how it was playing out.

Meanwhile, Adamu Garba, a former Senator and Presidential aspirant came across this tweet and thought it wise to reply. Quoting the tweet, the Presidential hopeful urged Nigerians referring to the tweet to desist from such as the current topic is entirely different but plain for all to see.

In his words, Adamu Garba remarked that the Kaduna Governor was wrong and entirely extreme in his analogy. According to him, no responsible Muslim will ever support something like it.

The presidential hopeful wrote thus:

“For those making this reference. Quiet alright, Gov. El Rufai was very wrong and extreme in his analogy here. I don’t think any responsible Muslim will ever support this. Ask around!

We must avoid unnecessary heating up this topic on the issue that is plain for all to see”

Adamu Garba Reacts To El Rufai's 2013 Tweet Following Murder Of 200 Level Female Student
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