Some Brethren In Sokoto Felt Bad Because I Said That Deborah’s Death Is Not Religious – Rev. Oluoma

Rev. Oluoma

Rev. Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma released a post on his office Facebook page that the death of Deborah Samuel was not religious but a legal and governance issue.

He did, however, write another piece titled Deborah- A Clarification in a recent post. He stated he called a Sokoto diocese priest to confirm what he observed on the internet, namely that some hoodlums were attempting to burn down the cathedral in Sokoto in protest of the capture of the criminals who murdered Deborah. After confirming that the attempt had been foiled, their conversation swiftly switched to his article from yesterday. He informed him that some of his brethren were offended when Fada Oluoma stated that the matter was not religious.

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He was amused, saddened, and concerned that individuals do not take the time to grasp a piece before replying, according to him. It occurred to him that some people interpreted his attitude as implying sympathy for the perpetrators or those who held such beliefs. This shouldn’t be the case if anyone actually read what he wrote.

If we reduce this matter to religion, he claims, the government will have no reason to use the full power of the law. What does the country’s constitution or legislation say about murder after a lady was lynched in the most heinous manner? If the constitution is unambiguous about what happens to murderers, the government must either execute them or disregard them carelessly.

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Finally, he said that some people might have intended him to make them emotionally and psychologically numb with dramatic religious innuendos and assertions. Nigeria is a secular state with no religious laws; this is where we should concentrate our efforts. You don’t have a country if the government can’t punish people who kill and maim others; this should upset you more than artificially colouring a heinous deed.

Rev. Oluoma
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