Things about Sabinus comedy that make him deserving of the AMVCA award


Since the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award, 8th edition ended, people have been congratulating different celebrities who won in different categories. Sabinus’ win got some contrasting reactions as some people suggested there were better social content creators than him.

Sabinus is one of the popular comedians, recently. In my assessment, there are things about his skits that qualify him for the award he just won, despite the short time he has been popular.

Note: this assessment is based on my understanding of his field of entertainment.

Truly, he is an upcoming skit maker according to the time he started getting popular, but their are peculiarities in his skit making that should let people see why he is deserving of the award.

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1. He makes short skits: Most times, people easily get fed up on a content that is supposed to be a comedy turning into a long movie. Sometimes, contents of 30 seconds or 1 minute could make the creator sell. This is because, the skit is short enough to be reposted easily, and the creator should make sure his message is passed before the viewers get bored. Many of Sabinus’ skits are very short, and in the process of easy reposting, he is selling more and at very fast speed.

2. Number of casts: Sabinus makes his skit mostly alone, and when he has other casts, he keeps them very few in number. This makes it easy for people to identify characters and flow with the contents.

3. Trends: Sabinus is one of the comedians who follow trends. This makes viewers eager to see the content a particular creator has related to the trend people may have known so well.

4. Consistency: Consistency is one of the keys to a successful career. The ability to keep your audience up with new ideas, especially in the entertainment field. No matter how little, a steady flow of ideas from content creators is a big gain for them, it increases audience and engagement. Sabinus is bringing out contents regularly even when they are short.

The four points I mentioned above are peculiarities in Sabinus’ skits that have brought him this far.

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