Shall We All Die Before Biafra Come ?, My Disappointed With Igbo Cling To Biafra


I’m becoming Disappointed with the Igbos especially the Igbo youth as Biafra to me had become a caward tool to run away from Responsibility.

Yesterday fracas ensured in Abuja destroying Igbo properties worth billions and claiming lives, but what my seemingly foolish Igbo youth is busy ranting is how Biafra would make all these and that disappear.

I had noticed that Biafrans are the most cowards set of Igbos in the greater majority, Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu was not a Biafran, Emanuel Ifeajuna was not a Biafran, we need these set of Igbos, the January 15 minded set of Igbos are lacking in this generation.

We have got go learn to fight back within Nigeria, you can’t keep running like caward, Biafra my foot, if Anyone mess up we fight until we decide our faith then every party would be called to negotiate the future of what is left of Nigeria.

The Igbo nation needs to be able to maintain self preservation and protection in Nigeria, we need to show equal will to retaliate without thinking that Biafra is our only hope, Biafra is not our only hope, it is just one of the options, our resolute will to survive as a people is what matters now.

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A maples counter invasion is what will happen if these attacks against the Igbos don’t stop, retaliating as Nigerians fighting to live not defending any map, our people living all part of Nigeria needs to be assured of safety so far there is Nigeria. Our people won’t be pushed around to go home, every part of Nigeria is home and the market will reach everywhere if the attacks continue.

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