The Voice Of The People, Is The Most Powerful Backing One Needs To Overcome Evil Machinations

Prince Bassey Otu



IT is been said that each society gets the leadership they deserve at all times. But in our case here in Cross River State, we’re determined to change that narrative by insisting rather on allowing time and nature to effect the necessary change by throwing up one of its own groomed over time, for service in a leadership position; who upholds the right values of integrity and exhibits empathy as opposed to the trends in the past where all was solely dependent on manipulation and imposition.

SENATOR Prince Bassey Otu, is the best thing that has occurred to the All Progressives Congress (APC) Cross river state, this time around. He is a household name and commands an uncommon following across the entire state for his obsequious disposition, kind-heartedness, intelligence, capacity to tolerate astuteness, and the fear of the Lord in the diligence required to handle malignant matters of the state to correct the wrongs that exist thereto.

THESE are the reasons why evil-minded politicians in the state recently are said to have concocted stories in an attempt to deform his character over and spent huge amounts of money in the process to see if that could reduce his neighborly acceptability to warrant his fall in place of someone of their choice as an indication of what our society deserves in the common dictum but failed ignominiously?

ALL of that is expected, however in politics, but not to the ridiculous extent this has gone against a man of Senator Bassey Otu’s disposition with a huge following who has displayed character in his relationship with people and one who has been patient enough in face of a series of conspiracy in the past to deny him of political victory in elections in which he had an upper hand to win, whose time has now come to glide to the position of higher responsibility in the state which he now sorts for the sake of the children.

THEREFORE at this instance we make bold to charge both the children and elders alike not to be frightened. For they’ll nonetheless get the leadership they deserve now with Prince Bassey Otu on the ballot on the platform of the APC, coming as the able successor of the incumbent Governor, the Lord willing.

THE enthronement of who to lead the government of our state, as well as that of the entire country, cannot be left perpetually in the hands of evil practitioners to determine who the lot should fall on. Henceforth, those of good conscience should take the initiative and insist on the right person with the fear of the Lord of Host rather than man, to ascend to such office. With that, everything shall fall in place as expected.

End Time Message!


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