Kogi Assembly: Governor Face Off Takes New Dimension

Kogi State House of Assembly

Very recently, the planned financial investigation of the Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly and the Governor’s order to put the complex under lock and key to forestall this move, was reported. 

Further investigations revealed that the Governor of Kogi State, Alh. Yahaya Bello, an APC presidential aspirant had threatening that he would deal with all the members of the house of Assembly for making this move. This, obviously is out of fear that investigating the speaker would lead to digging the roots of the financial recklessness of his administration which may end up in impeachment.

Bello seems to have made good his promise using as tool, the loopholes of the APC to adopt a direct primaries for the House of Assembly Primaries without consultation, providing a list of anointed candidates, throwing out the sitting members of the State Assembly,à and in connivance with the INEC staff filled their names as returned members from the Primaries even before fake materials were moved to the various LG headquarters for formalities. This sinister act was said to be executed by his over zealous Chief of Staff who hopes to take over from him in January 2024 to cover up his misappropriations.

The list of “anointed members” returned only 3 out of the 25 House of Assembly members. These are 1. Ahmodu Seidu of Ofu constituency, a businessman who has never had the confidence even to mention his name at plenary not to talk of contributing to issues. 2. Paul Enema of Okura constituency, a former commissioner in this administration with serious health challenge whom the Governor was magnanimous enough to return so that he could use his regular salary for treatment. 3. Anthony Ujah who is from the home of the Deputy Governor which was said to be in respect of that position.

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To members of the opposition, this is believed to be a healthy development as the stage is now clear for them to come into power as they expect massive decamping and compromise from members of the APC.

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