PDP Presidential Primaries: South Is Not Ready For President


It is unfortunate that when the north moved against Wike at the convention ground, the south had no cohesion to match them. Wike was heading to victory when Tambuwal became the ‘Hero of the convention’ according to the ungrateful PDP National chairman.

At the point Tambuwal withdrew for Atiku, it was expected that Gov Udom should have polled out and supported Wike. It was expected that Ayim Pius would have stepped down for Wike immediately to match the northern game plan.

When will the south learn politics? All the PDP southern governors had met severally and issued statements that presidency must come to south in 2023. But unfortunately, governors Obaseki and Okowa chose to support Atiku from the north and betrayed their own.

Had Obaseki and Okowa gave Wike their support, the north wouldnt have had their way. The north won because the south was not united.

The most annoying person of this betrayal against Wike is Ayorcha Ayu, the PDP national chairman. This man became PDP national chairman because Wike singlehandedly removed his own brother, Uche Secondus to install him.

His appreciation to Wike was to be part of those who betrayed him at the convention ground by going to thank Tambuwal and called him Hero of the convention.

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I do not like Gov Wike. He has his faults, but he became the voice of the south in PDP. He came out to challenge the born to rule posture of the north. It will be sad if in 2023, power remains in the north. Not just in the north but another Fulani man retains power.

Wike lost gallantly
He is the hero of south in PDP.

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