Nothing Wrong In President Buhari Installing A Successor But The Prayer Should Be ‘Guide Our Leaders Right’


By: Bisi Kristien

Unfairness is the attributes of man whenever an issue that affects them directly is been decided as they forget the rule ‘ do to others as you wish it be done to you ‘ most time. That is the only reason supporters of the powerful contestants in APC race of presidency will believe it is wrong for PMB to decide his successor. These people are forgetting and want to continue forgetting that each governor has decided their successor and all godfathers have filled the slot of house of assembly, rep and senate in their constituency with their preferred candidates.

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It is unfair for PMB to hand pick among the contestants but it isn’t unfair for Baba Tinubu to decide that Ambode wasn’t fit for second term but Sanwoolu is. It is normal for all Governors to be deciding on who succeed them now but PMB can’t. That is what I called unfairness.

Yes, Nigerians should be concern about who succeeded PMB. They should advise him on the type of person Nigeria needs as president now that he should support but not telling him not to influence.

It is right to tell Buhari not to give us another northerner as a president to ensure power shift as agitated for by the southern Nigeria and not to present a candidate that will give Atiku upper hands in general election. It’s however unfair to tell PMB not to pick his preference among the competent ones in the southern Nigeria.

As that third and fourth lines of first stanza of second national anthem prays, we need to invoke the prayer now. ‘Guide our leaders right’ and help our youths the Truth to know.

The fairness here is not in you insisting on Okorocha or fighting to finish for Tinubu but in praying and working towards guiding our leaders right on the choice of president of Nigeria. As people look up to APC now which confirms that Nigerians have all agreed that PDP is just a second option; APC can not afford to let Nigeria down on this and the reason we all need to pray God guide PMB right.

Just passing by and saying since Jagaban or individual governor installed whom each of them trust on their state’s stool; PMB too is entitled to this.

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