Anambra APC delegates lament after convention


Their leader scammed them and cornered the delegate money from Tinubu to himself. Akelicious was told that 10,000 dollars was mapped out for each delegate from Anambra and given to the leader. He cornered about 500,000 dollars belonging to the delegates and told them that Tinubu camp did not bring anything.

But trust ndi Anambra. Some of the delegates who have access to Lagos put calls through and they were told that the delegate money for Anambra was given to their leader.

As at yesterday, some of the delegates from Anambra were protesting at Tinubu’s office in Abuja asking the Jagaban to help them collect their money from their leader.

However, Akelicious gathered that the only money Anambra delegates got was the one from Ahmed Lawan who gave 5,000 dollars each. Sadly, what was given to them was only 3.100 dollars. The leader and his boys also cornered the balance.

The 5,000 dollars from Kogi state was not also shared. AIF Media was told that another smart leader shared only $1,000 and cornered the balance.

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Amaechi money is equally in dispute.

While delegates from other states went home with about 25,000-30,000 dollars, Anambra delegates got only $4,000. Many of them are still protesting at Abuja, moving from one hotel to another lamenting.

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