Fact check: Can The Yorubas Give A Presidential Candidate Victory?


The south westerners are always quick to say how their region is politically more relevant than the other southern regions, well, let’s confirm

In 2015, the south westerners were crying about being marginalized by the GEJ administration and they all wanted him out. Their preferred candidate was Buhari and here’s how they fared against the south east

The total votes from the south west for APC in 2015 was: 2,433,193
And that of PDP was 1,821,416

Difference: 611,777 in favor of the APC

The votes from Anambra alone for APC was 17,926
And that of PDP was 660,762

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Difference: A whopping 642,836 in favor of the PDP

From the above, in the 2015 general elections, Anambra defeated the whole of the south west.

Fast forward to 2019, Buhari was underperforming but let’s give him another four years to redeem himself, so here was how the south west performed at the polls against the south east

The total votes from the south west for APC was 2,036,450
And that of the PDP was 1,776,670

A difference of 259,780 in favour of the APC

The total votes from Anambra alone for the APC was 33,298
While that of the PDP was 524,738

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A difference of 491,440 in favor of the PDP

As clearly seen, in 2019 Anambra alone defeated the whole of the south west

It is evident that the south west does not have a strong political voice as opposed to the south east

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