I’m disappointed in Sowore for what his take on Peter Obi suggests – Okon Lagos

Okon Lagos

Nollywood actor and comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly called Okon Lagos, has disclosed in a live show with Daddy Freeze that he was disappointed in Sowore for what his take on Peter Obi suggested.

Okon began by acknowledging that, in fairness to Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate of AAC, has worked hard; he has been imprisoned, taken to court, incarcerated, abused, and politically violated in his quest to achieve good governance in Nigeria.

Nonetheless, Okon expressed disappointment in Sowore for venting his rage and jealousy on Peter Obi. Okon said it is bad politics and misleading of people for Sowore to make a video to discredit Peter Obi, who has been an executive governor of a state and who was able to maintain financial prudence as a governor.

Okon Lagos discloses that, in his opinion, Omoyele Sowore thought this show of acceptance of Peter Obi was supposed to be his. He added that Sowore believes that he is more entitled to the glory and the street fame that Peter Obi is enjoying right now. He said he could understand his anger and his venom.

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He further stated that the truth be told, Sowore should be the one to join Peter Obi and not vice versa. He said politically, Peter is on the A side, but Sowore is just an activist. His argument was that Sowore had not been tested through the fire and deep waters of power. He said Sowore does not know what power is.

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