Onitsha Market Was Supposed To Shutdown For Traders To Get Their PVC, But It Was Fully Functional

J Boloko

During an interactive section between Arise News and a lady known as J Boloko, she told Arise News that the Onitsha main market is still fully functional despite the news that the market will shut down for all traders to go get their PVC. Boloko said that she expected to see all traders at the PVC registration center.

But she saw something otherwise, the market was fully functional, and all traders were busy with their market activities. Then she interviewed the chairman of the market, the man told her that they have not received the directive from either the Federal government, state government, or local government to shut down the market for all traders to go get their PVC.

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He also said that they are also all interested in getting their PVC, but since they’ve been no directive order from the government, they are still waiting. Boloko reminded him that there’s no time anymore, that INEC might stop registering PVC anytime soon. Then he said that they will beg INEC to extend the time further.

The chairman said that they all want to get their PVC and they are also ready to vote, but the problem they are facing is that they want the PVC registration center to be closer to the market so that they can register for it and still attend to their customers at the same day. If that should be done for them, it will be okay for them, he said it’s not really good to lose customers. They want the PVC registration to be closer to the market.

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