Indian Groom Runs Away From His Wedding And Jilted Bride Marries A Wedding Guest

Indian Groom Runs Away

A double wedding took a dramatic twist when one of the intended grooms ran away moments before the ceremony – and a guest stepped in to marry the bride.

Two brothers, Ashok and Naveen were set to be married in a village in Tarikere taluk of Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka, India on Sunday, January 3.

Sure enough, Naveen tied the knot, but as the ceremony began his brother Ashok was nowhere to be found.

It turned out that Ashok had a secret girlfriend who had reportedly threatened to turn up to the wedding venue and drink poison rather than allow the young man to go through with the ceremony.

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Ashok’s heartbroken bride-to-be, Sindhu was left sobbing in the wedding venue.

Surprisingly, reports the Bangalore Mirror, Sindhu’s family managed to locate someone willing to step up and give the young woman a wedding to remember after all.

After some discussions, one of the wedding guests – a man named Chandrappa, who works as a conductor for the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation – agreed to marry Sindhu.

Amazingly, the dramatic soap-opera plot is nothing new. In 2019, another Indian bride, from Sironj city of Madhya Pradesh, eloped with the man who had been hired to conduct the ceremony.

The priest, a man named Vinod Maharaj who was already married and had two children, didn’t just take the 21-year-old bride. The couple eloped with jewellery worth 150,000 rupees (just over £1,500) and 30,000 rupees (around £300) in cash.

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An investigation later revealed that the runaway bride had been in a romantic relationship with the priest for two years.

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