Anambra PDP Members Writes Open Letter To Chief Sen Ben Obi.CON. Ojeligbo Awka

Chief Sen Ben Obi.CON

Dear High Chief Sen Ben Obi.CON. Ojeligbo Awka.

Dear Sir,

The subject above refers.

We write to formally call your attention to the unlawful exclusion of our names as invitees to the above meeting of selected “Anambra Central Senatoral District stakeholders”.

We hereby wish to state for records that by all standards we the undersigned qualify to wear the esteemed rank of distinguished stakeholders by virtue of which we are entitled to be invited to any properly constituted meeting of the Anambra state chapter of the PDP at all levels.

Hence, we note our utter disappointment Sir that whereas the major agenda of the meeting under reference is the Anambra State PDP Congresses, a section of aspirants seeking election into the various offices open in the contest were curiously excluded from this crucial meeting.

Grapevine has now concluded that those invited are persons who in your consideration are believed to be unable to challenge your preferred chairmanship candidate, Mr. Ndubisi Nwobu at the coming congress.

This belief is also fueled by the truth that against all known tenets of openness, neutrality and fairness, the venue of this highly important meeting is your private house.

Even His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar – our national leader does not indulge in this kind of conduct which is a sharp departure from what the pdp represents; portending grave danger which will adversely affect the outcome of the 2023 presidential elections in Anambra State unless immediately reversed by you as a show of honor and commitment to the affairs of the PDP.

For the records Sir, I invite you to recall that I placed a call to you at 18.04pm on the 27th of June 2022 in the course of which I called your attention to the truth that I did not get your invitation to the meeting; to which your response was “let me check the list”.

As much as that response is in line with your constitutional rights to freedom of expression, it leaves a very foul taste in the mouth to know that there is now “a list” of persons considered more PDP than others in Anambra Central Zone.

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Is this how we plan to harness human and other resources towards making Anambra a PDP state?

Considering that Anambra State now has a frontline presidential candidate from outside the PDP, shouldn’t it be a top priority of the PDP in Anambra state to quickly embrace all and sundry, build unity of purpose and harness our presently fragmented numbers as means of winning hands down?

Against the background of this latest development which points to the presence of a deliberate hatchet plan to install a PDP state Exco from your bedroom, I hereby place you and other persons of interest on notice that we, the undersigned will not accept and / or agree to any other method of electing a state chairman and executive committee members of our dear party (PDP) in Anambra State other than the processes endorsed in the agreement reached in Enugu State during the zonal meeting chaired by the Executive Governor of Enugu State / Leader of the PDP in the South East, His Excellency, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in the presence of the National Secretary, Sen. Sam Anyanwu, the National Auditor, Mr. Obi Okechukwu, the South East Zonal Vice Chairman, Chief Ali Odefa and the entire Anambra State PDP Stakeholders.

May I remind you Sir that it was resolved at that meeting that the position of the State Chairman is and will remain open to any person from Anambra Central who wishes to contest for the post.

It is worrisome that after the said meeting which you were present at, you have continued with Senator Uche Ekwunife to make utter nonsense of the south East zonal leadership and that accord by using all the means within your reach to make your cousin Mr. Ndubisi Nwobu the state chairman of the PDP in Anambra State.

You have paid deaf ears to the rising disdain for imposition of political candidates in Nigeria.

You have hardened your heart to the very deep disenchantment your action has drawn from the rank and file of our members in Anambra State.

The resistance to Mr. Ndubisi Nwobu’s return as state chairman is glaring yet you and Senator Ekwunife have vowed to swim against the tide and against the will of Ndi Anambra; even at the risk of loosing what is left of your respect in the state.

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We the undersigned are stakeholders of the PDP in the Anambra Central Senatorial Zone.

We therefore wish to state that since we are not part of the meeting convened by you in the bedroom of your Guzape house, everything and anything agreed to in the said meeting other than the processes adopted at the Enugu meeting will not be binding on us and will therefore not hold any water in Anambra State.

We advise you to toe the path of honor and remove yourself from all actions that will further divide the Anambra state chapter of the PDP.

The consequence of your refusal to do the right thing now will be grave – it will include a further shrinkage of our numbers and a shocking defeat of our candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the 2023 general elections for which you will be singularly held responsible.

Sir, you may recall that 5 years ago, as the acting National Secretary of our party, you pleaded with most of the stakeholders to allow you install your cousin Mr. Ndubisi Nwobu as the state chairman of Party, through an undemocratic process.

The same affirmation that you are gearing towards now took place and landed the PDP in court which cost us the last Governorship Election.

Remember how at your Maitama residence, you pleaded that we allow you install Mr. Nwobu as a mark of respect to you so that your kinsmen in Awka will be happy that you made one of their own the Chairman.

I remember how Chief Chris Ubah, Olisa Metuh and most of us in the meeting pleaded with you to support Ubom Nibo or Okey Omenyi but you insisted on your cousin.

Why do you still think that in the entire Anambra Central Senatorial zone, only your wish and that of Senator Uche Ekwunife with a few others should matter?

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Otherwise, tell us why you still believe that only Mr. Ndubisi Nwobu who ran the PDP down and caused disunity can be the Chairman of the Party.

If you insist you are neutral, kindly tell the world if as a father, you have ever convened a meeting of chairmanship aspirants in Anambra State to discuss the coming State Congress as a way to ensure we get it right?

Have you considered calling critical stakeholders like Chief Chris Uba, Chief Linus Ukachukwu and Senator Stella Oduah as you did 5 years ago to discuss a way forward on this sticky matter?

After the presidential primaries that took place few weeks ago, have you called all the candidates of the PDP as Ndi Anambra to resolve all pending issues as first step before taking us to a meeting with the VP candidate to tap on your relationship with him?

We demand that you do the needful by allowing Ndi Anambra PDP elect a State Chairman of their choice.

If you insist on being a stumbling block to an open and democratic process that will give us the opportunity to elect the best person as chairman of our party, you will end up as the political undertaker and chief mourner who will be left alone to embalm the PDP in Anambra State and conduct its funeral as the countdown to the presidential election starts.

We thank all PDP members, associates and friends for being patient till this moment.

We call for calm and assure all of an open State Congress where every vote will count.

Thank you and God bless.

(1) Hon. K.G. Enenmuo.
(2) Agudosi Ngozika.


(1) H.E Dr Iyochia Ayu, National Chairman PDP.
(2) Sen Sam Anyanwu, National Secretary PDP.
(3) Hon Bature, National Organising Secretary.
(4) Mr Obi Okechukwu, National Auditor PDP.
(5) Sen Uche Ekwunife, Anambra Central Zone.
(6) Sen. Stella Oduah, Anambra North Zone.
(7) Chief Chris Ubah, Anambra South Zone.
(8) Chief Linus Ukachukwu; PDP Cacus Leader.

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