Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov walks out of G20 meeting

Sergei Lavrov

The fault-lines in G20 between the North and South on the Ukraine conflict opened up at its Foreign Ministers’ Conclave and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov left the meeting ahead of schedule after G7 members threatened to boycott a joint photo opportunity and official dinner.

Lavrov, however, indirectly indicated that the East was not in sync with G7’s take-no-prisoners attitude by meeting his counterparts from Indonesia, China, India, Brazil and Turkey. In his speech, the minister lauded the “Russian-Chinese constructive strategic joint work” to confront “blatantly.

aggressive West” at G20. Fresh from their meetings at the summit in Germany followed by NATO, the G7 began sending signals that it would do a repeat of the G20 Finance Ministers’ Ministerial in Washington in March.

Lavrov entered the meeting venue to hostile cries of “Why did you start the war” and “When will you stop the war?” Missing from the Russia-baiting group was UK’s Foreign Minister Liz truss, who abandoned the meeting to throw her hat in the ring in London after the resignation of her Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

US officials hinted that the division meant that there would be no group communique as there has been in previous years on key issues like terrorism. India will assume the G20 presidency from December. Apart from the summit, the dates for which are yet to be finalised, India will also host a large number of G20 events. — TNS

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