A Must Read: 2023 Election And The Three Major Candidates

2023 Election And The Three Major Candidates

This is the first time Nigeria will have 3 Candidates vying for the top job.

This Post looks at their REASONS, WHY, CLAIMS and HOW.

The three major candidates and their parties are:
Tinubu- APC.
Atiku- PDP
Obi- LP


  1. Tinubu of APC said it is his turn to be President.
  2. Atiku of PDP said he can unite Nigeria.
  3. Obi of LP said Nigerians should take back their Country from the corrupt politicians.


Tinubu said he made several people to be Governors, Senators and even the President. Therefore, his friends he helped with several political favors should pave way for him to be President.

Atiku said he married Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo wives. Therefore he can use his experience as a good husband to unite a divided Nigeria.

Obi said he cannot sleep because of the high rise of insecurity, poverty and disunity in the country.


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Tinubu of APC claims he drew the master plan of Lagos and the Governors he made in Lagos followed his plans. He hopes to replicate this same method as President of Nigeria.

Atiku of PDP claims during his time as VP, he headed the Economy and sold Government enterprises. He hopes to sell more Government enterprises if he becomes President.

Obi of LP claims he developed the educational sector in Anambra when he was Governor. He said he stopped the rampant kidnappings, cut down cost of running Government and saved monies for the next administration.


Tinubu got many APC Presidential aspirants to step down for him and believes his elite friends should support him because he had been generous to their aspirations in the past. He has been issuing quotes and paid many delegates to win the APC primaries.

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Atiku had great sponsors who paid delegates and got Tambuwal to step down for him at the last minute to make him the winner. He believes he has tried severally to be President hence this is his last chance.

Obi was encouraged to join the race by many ordinary Nigerians. But he wasn’t happy with the proposed payments to delegates. He left PDP to join the LP and since then, the LP has witnessed a rise in new membership.


Tinubu doesn’t make regular TV appearances. He sends media aides to talk for him where they spend airtime looking for how to fault Obi.
His background is very controversial.

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Atiku lives in Dubai but hopes his aides are doing the job for him. He doesn’t appear on TV or consults directly.
His aides have not told the people what Atiku will do to save Nigeria other than focus on ways to counter Obi.

Obi went to Egypt to learn more about their electricity sector.
He appears regularly on TV to explain things himself. He has brought many comparisons on how to make Nigeria great again using examples from China, Dubai and even America.
His famous word is “go and verify”.

Fellow Nigerians, let’s put aside tribe, religion and region and talk about this post so we can vote wisely in 2023.

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