The Political Experience In Cross River State Will Be Very Intriguing And Full Of Surprises

Political Experience In Cross River State



THE incursions of the “Obedience movement in the polity” is giving all of us a sense of introspection and curiosity never experienced before. Anyone who says otherwise is a blatant liar.

EVERYTHING that has a begging surely must have an end. What keeps people like us who fight to defend truth without any cost put on our efforts, but looking good, still alive without being into this or that falsehoods, is simply because we stand by the truth and uphold the integrity and display empathy. This is why when we move, everything we bring goes with us.

THOSE who use the name of the Lord falsely, shall be utterly surprised by the aftermath of their deceit. If you’re a victim of their deceit, don’t be bothered, their race is a mirage.

I ALWAYS do my best on a course I believe in and get in with all my heart, mind, effort, skill, sincerity, loyalty, intelligence, and doggedness and invite the Lord my God to lead me aright to do the right thing Always.

SO when the fellows with whom I embark on the course after the success, now feel on top, decide to create issues, where I am being backbit, conspired, betrayed, short-changed, or sidelined with all ending in deceit. They fellow do not defeat me, Obi, alone. They defeat the love I brought into the transaction, my heart, mind, effort, sincerity, skill, loyalty, intelligence, doggedness, prayers, and the Presence of the Lord I invited to lead me aright.

SO whosoever feels he has defeated me in the cause of a transaction, in maneuverability, equally defeats the Lord I brought into the transaction leading to success.

But the question to ask is this, can anyone defeat the Lord? Nobody!

SO when I see their maneuvering, I fight not. I go quietly back to my cacoon to stay and watch. The outcomes had always been the same on the ones that hurt me. I cry, humiliated and disgraced. But the lough. The end justifies the means.

The outcome always acts as an inspiration for me. In it, I see the deceitful powers of the Devil to those who take its options and the eventual authority of the Lord God of Host to those who abide by its ordinances.

YOU do good, you do so for yourself. You embarked on doing evil and you call that being smart, it is for yourself as well. For me, I am working on my incarnation.

End Time Message!


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