Ebonyi Governorship 2023; “I Will Emphasize Production, Education And Youth Empowerments If I Win” – Anyichuks

Ebonyi Governorship 2023; "I Will Emphasize Production, Education And Youth Empowerments If I Win" - Anyichuks

(Part 2)

In this concluding part of the interview Dr Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, (Anyichuks) talks about his chances visa vis the Dave Umahi APC push!

Reporter: In Ebonyi State, the incumbent Governor has defected to APC from PDP, and is now fighting for APC to retain the state?

Dr Odii: All of were part of making Dave Umahi to come to power when the man he served as Deputy Governor, Governor Martin Elechi rejected him as his successor. Today, many people can see his character; he is fighting against the good people of Ebonyi State. His political calculations will fail him because he truly never believes in the ideals of a united Ebonyi. Insecurities and lopsidedness have destroyed a once united and peaceful Ebonyi State. This is hindering true progress and has made the Ebonyi voters to look beyond him in 2013!

Reporter: There are many inter-community conflicts in Ebonyi State today, which is propelling mass killings, and terrorism, which many see as the dark side of Gov Dave Umahi?

Dr Odii: What fuels all these are insincerity and high handedness being displayed by those in power today in Ebonyi State. But I will re-engage the good people of Ebonyi State to think differently, to believe in production and development. When a man is engaged, busy and productive, he will think less of negative indices and violence. This is the area where I will concentrate, if by the Grace of God, and the will of Ebonyi people, I win the Governorship election.

Reporter: In Ebonyi State, people see the infrastructural projects that the present Government is building in Ebonyi State……. but….

Dr Odii; cuts in; All these projects we all conceived under PDP, I was part and parcel of berthing this present administration. We all had set objectives and agenda to develop Ebonyi State. I thank Gov Dave Umahi for keeping faith with most of our original ideas. But unfortunately, he betrayed the people by crossing into APC. We have all seen where the party dragged Nigeria into. But we are coming for a rescue agenda to liberate the good people of Ebonyi State. We shall do it sincerely, honestly, truthfully and with candour. PDP is coming again in Ebonyi State, and we shall do the needful to create a good balance between development and happiness for all Ebonyians.

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