PLENARY: Anambra State Multiple Door Court House Bill Passes Second Reading

Anambra state house of assembly

…The purpose of these people is to give Ndi-anambra alternative means of settling issues – Majority leader

By: IFEANYI Okonkwo

A bill for a law to provide for the establishment of Anambra multi door court house and for other connected matters has passed through second reading at the Anambra state house of assembly.

The majority leader and member representating Awka South 1 constituency Hon. Nnamdi Okafor who moved the motion in his submission said the bill is very important to ndi-Anambra.

In his words “The purpose of these bill is to give Ndi-anambra alternative means of settling issues. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and to enhance asses to justice by providing alternative mechanism to sublement letigation in the resolution of dispute.

“When there’s a dispute and the matter is been taking to court, most time, it takes a long time before it’s been resolved. This bill will also minimize citizens frustration and delays in justice delivery by providing a standard for efficient settlement of disputes using ADR.

“It will serve as a vocal point for ADR in Anambra state and will promote the growth of effective functioning of Justice system using ADR. In the bill, there are provisions for all the means and mechanisms that will be used to achieve the purpose of ADR”. Okafor submitted

Hon Chidi Udemadu member representing Ihiala 1 constituency, Hon Timothy Ifedioramm member representing Njikoka 1 constituency, Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Pascal Agbodike memberb representing Ihiala 2 constituency, Chief Whip and member representating Njikoka 2 constituency Hon Pete Ibida, Hon Emeka Aforka member representating Orumba North constituency and Hon Edward Ibuzor member representing Onitsha North 2 constituency in there separate submissions supported the bill stating that the bill will shorten the time spent in justice delivery and will create more room for friendship because the parties before the judge will have cordial relationship because it will be all about how to reconsale both parties. It will save cost and will reduce the stress for our judiciary.

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“Most communities, family are in crises because bills such as these are not in existence. It will help solve aggeitation. The cases moved to the palace of igwes will now be handled in these court. It will reduce the decongestion in court and make service delivery accessible.

Anambra Assembly Speaker Rt. Hon. Uche Okafor referred the bill to the house Committee on judiciary.

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