2023: Peter Obi not ready to be Nigeria’s President, he only knows how to give complains – Kayode

Peter Obi

Former governor of Anambra State Peter Obi is not prepared to be president of Nigeria, according to constitutional lawyer Kayode Ajulo.

The former national secretary of the Labour Party (LP) observed that the presidential hopeful is not conducting his campaigns ethically.

Ajulo referred to Obi’s manifesto as “rhetorical analysis” because it contained no practical solutions to the numerous issues the nation was already experiencing.

The rights activist claimed that in a conversation with reporters, Obi “has not been able to convince discerning Nigerians of his preparedness for the job for which he runs.”

Even the street vendor, according to Ajulo, is aware of Nigeria’s problems, and he added that Obi should provide Nigerians with specific solutions to the problems.

Obi only complains, which he and his uncritical supporters misinterpret as a manifesto, the speaker continued.

The pick of Obi’s running mate was also criticized by Ajulo, who emphasized that he had held only sporadic talks with northern leaders.

He claimed that Obi’s choice would have been aided by feedback from a few notable figures in the North.

Datti Baba-Ahmed, a contender for the LP vice presidency, was praised by the attorney as “qualified for the role of even the President” and “an intellectual and nice man.”

The current state of the nation, he added, goes beyond simply looking good on one’s certificates or in the bank.

If Obi is sincere, he will require the backing of northern stakeholders, revered religious leaders like Ahmad Abubakar Gumi and Rev. Fr. Mathew Kukah, labor leaders, and former military leaders.

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The former LP writer scoffed at the strategy used by Obi’s supporters and added that he had learned from years of political experience that mob movements did not always indicate genuine support.

Ajulo noticed that the fans were frequently fighting someone or something on social media, especially.

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