Egwu Jonathan Regains His Freedom After 24 Hours

Egwu Jonathan

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At Eze-uzu-juhel roundabout on Monday, 21st August 2022 , this same very Seana SUV doublecrossed my vehicle, forced me enter a black Seana with no plate number, and the moment I enter the vehicle they blindfolded me till the next morning, that’s Tuesday morning, inside the lonely compound and inside a dark room, I was begging for my life and the safety of my family. I cried as I was begging them to spare myself, on me was a serious beats from one of them,they were taking order from someone on the phone, its was the person on the phone who asked them to check all my phones for a particular phone number which is not on my phone contact lists, to the Glory of God.

They siezed my (3) phones , they checked my WhatsApp accounts and my Facebook account on the alleged that I am operating more than one Facebook account and also with multiple WhatsApp accounts I use in threatening people, blackmailing, and cooking up all sort of lies against people, that i shouldn’t lay claims on any lands again anywhere or i will have myself to blame, ThankGod, at the end, they find out its was only one Facebook account Egwu Jonathan idiagbor and (2) WhatsApp account ( 09037592163/ 08166076562 ) which is not connected to the Facebook account and WhatsApp account they were looking for, i was with them without food or water till 4pm tuesday 22nd August 2022, i didn’t even know the very location where we were, I don’t know anybody among these men but the descriptions of them for me is the black seana without a plate number, with 4 armedmen inside, while one collected my car key. I didn’t see my car again till 4pm Tuesday at Ahani-Achi in Oji-river, Enugu state.

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At exactly 3pm on Tuesday, they brought me out from the compound that I can’t even locate the address now and, in company of 3 armed men to a lonely road, no sign post, nobody is coming from left or right, they instructed me to keep moving along that road,if I see bike better , I didn’t see..that I should trek to where they packed my car, i trekked because no bike, but later find one that took me to where they packed my car along Ahani-Achi- Ufuma Road.

They gave me back my phones, my car key and my wallet, instructed me never to say anything about land dispute BTW any individual, group or community or write anything against anybody, that they are watching me closely.

In all this, No one take one naira or demand any money from me. See pictures as to where they packed my car.

I am back home, safe and hearty.

To my famililes and friends, i say thank you for your concerns over my where about, I can’t thank you enough, but please I want to beg you people, to help me beg the Awka North Jagabans left & right to allow me with my nature, that they cannot shut-up me in a commando style or be intimidated with their evil plans against me, because one of the men who abducted me said to me to be careful with people I call my brothers, so thats tells you that what happens to me was a within-within affairs and for the reason above i would be seeking the legal interpretation or advice on forceful abductions of a Nigeria for any reason by certain persons through my lawyer, nobody knows their next plan on my life.

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Egwu Jonathan
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Egwu Jonathan Regains His Freedom After 24 Hours
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