2023: Oga Ndi Oga Movement Endorses Obi For President

Oga Ndi Oga

The biggest political movement in Labour Party, Oga Ndi Oga Movement today in Anambra state endorsed the Presidential candidate of the Labour party, Mr Peter Obi in a meeting attended by all the ward executives of the Movement.

The political Movement founded by Chief Chukwueloka Godwin Agbasimelo, popularly known as Oga Ndi Oga was the only political structure in Labour party before Obi defected to the party few months ago.

The Oga ndi Oga Movement was founded solely for the betterment of our people. It is a movement geared towards bringing development and implementing policies that would help solve the problems affecting our youths.

As a stakeholder in the affairs of his state, Oga Ndi Oga has used his wealth to empower many of the youths including women. He has kept fate with labour party and sustained the party structures in Anambra state.

Today, Labour party has become a leading political party not only in the state but in the country. And Oga Ndi Oga Movement is out to deliver the party’s presidential candidate in 2023.

Chief Chukwueloka Godwin Agbasimelo’s remarkable philanthropism will go a long way to help Labour party candidates win their various constituency. Oga Ndi Oga has built community roads with solar street lights, awarded educational and vocational skill scholarships, as well as entrepreneurial grants to entrepreneurs and free incentives to SMEs (small-medium entrepreneur). He has paid medical bills of Nigerians with terminal health issues. His dynamism in philanthropy cuts across all humanitarian aspects. He initiated several poverty alleviation programs through his Oga ndi Oga Foundation. And unveiled a multi-million naira revolving interest-free loan for traders, artisans & entrepreneurs.

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Oga Ndi Oga has made campaign easy for the Labour party in Anambra state. Those he has touched their lives are out to join him in bringing victory to the party in 2023 general elections.

Oga Ndi Oga Movement with over 100,000 members who are mostly beneficiaries of his philanthropic programs are equally eligible voters with their PVCs. The Movement came together today and endorsed PETER OBI. They vowed to mobilize Nigerians and ensured that Obi wins the 2023 presidential election.

According to Oga Ndi Oga, his desire to have a better Nigeria is in line with the agenda of Obi and that’s why he is all out for his presidential project.

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