ANAMBRA: Daniel Obelle Vows To Set Nawfia People Free From 20 Years Of Tyranny

Daniel Obelle

” As I ascend the throne of our forefathers, I solemnly promise to work assiduously to restore the honour, reverence, respect, dignity, cultural values and norms of the office of Igwe of Nawfia. My primary task is to mobilise, galvanise and unite all Nawfia people for the advancement of the community, to create a genuine sense of belonging to every part of our beloved hometown.” That was the solemn oath taken by His Royal Highness Igwe Sir (Dr) Ogochukwu Daniel Obelle,mni Ezeudo 1 na Nawfia as contained in his speech titled ” My Affirmation as the Igwe of Nawfia ” dated 8th March, 2022.

In spite of the hullabaloos associated with the traditional stool of Nawfia ancient kingdom in Njikoka local government area of Anambra state, that which is crystal clear in the present circumstance is that HRH Igwe Daniel Obelle has been issued certificate of recognition as the traditional ruler of Nawfia by the Anambra State Government and with the consent and acceptance of the entire people of Nawfia through the Nawfia Progressive Union (NPU). That is the present status quo.

Historical records postulated that Nawfia community has never had an elected Igwe since the demise of the former traditional ruler Igwe F.F.B.C Nwankwo on 15th February, 2000. Historical facts revealed that the late monarch who was generally accepted and loved by the people of Nawfia was gruesomely murdered in his residence at Nawfia. This development it was said threw the community into a melancholy as his death indeed created a vacuum in the community because his reign as the traditional ruler of Nawfia left indelible footprints in the sands of time and he was forever missed by Nawfia people, hence the search for another Nawfia person who will ascend the throne of their forefathers.

The death of FFBC Nwankwo marked the beginning of the kingship tussle in Nawfia. It was said that the journey of the late Igwe to the land of his ancestors, marked the return of one of his sons from the United States of America. That was Chijioke Nwankwo whom historical records revealed that he was not the first son of late Igwe FFBC Nwankwo but was compensated to act as the regent of the town due to the love and respect the people had for his late father who was the traditional ruler of the community during his sojourn in the United States.

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Many years past and the people of Nawfia felt it was time they filled the vacuum left by late Igwe FFBC Nwankwo. That was how the traditional stool of the community was advertised by Nawfia Progressive Union and interested candidates applied. His Royal Highness Igwe Daniel Obelle was one of the applicants alongside Dr. Shedrach Moguluwa, Chief Nonyelu Okoye and a few others. Screening was done and an election was conducted by Nawfia Progressive Union where His Royal Highness Igwe Sir (Dr) Ogochukwu Daniel Obelle emerged victorious and was unanimously endorsed as winner of the keenly contested election.

Although there are court litigations against the traditional stool of Nawfia but HRH Igwe Daniel Obelle seems to have been vindicated by courts of competent jurisdiction as his certificate of recognition as the authentic traditional ruler of Nawfia has not been withdrawn contrary to insinuations in some sections of the print and online media. Daniel Obelle was coronated in the presence of the gods and ancestors and has since commenced custody of the customs and traditions of Nawfia after being issued staff and certificate of office by the Willie Obiano administration.

HRH Igwe Ogochukwu Daniel Obelle in an exclusive interview with our correspondent narrated his journey to the throne of Nawfia ancient kingdom. He said that the traditional stool of Nawfia is rotational and not the exclusive right of any individual or clan. That a 10- man committee which was set up for the screening process selected him amongst others in accordance with the 2013 Constitution of Nawfia kingdom. That thereafter the Igwe of Nawfia Selection Committee presented him to the Igwe of Nawfia Installation Committee for installation and coronation.

According to him, the 2013 Constitution of Nawfia stipulated seven ways the traditional stool could be declared vacant. He said they include removal from office by the Anambra State Government, death of the Igwe, conviction of the Igwe for a criminal offense, to mention a few, adding that the ten villages in Nawfia are signatories to the constitution of the community. Again, Igwe Daniel Obelle mentioned that an indigene of the town whom he said was no longer the Chairman of Board of Trustees of Nawfia Progressive Union; who was removed from office in February 2021and was subsequently recalled by his village Uruoji; in his characteristic lawlessness and recklessness made clandestine attempts to scuttle his ascension to the throne of his forefathers.

The persona whom he said still refers to himself as chairman of BOT of Nawfia Progressive Union has continued to cause confusion and rancour in the community but vowed that his emergence as the new traditional ruler of the town will end all the frivolities. His Royal Highness Igwe Daniel Obelle however disclosed that the chairman of BOT of Nawfia Progressive Union is Engr. Goddy Chiadikobi. That his predecessor was removed since February 2021 by members of the BOT, who according to him wrote several letters to the Anambra State Government about his alleged antisocial activities in the community in connivance with his band of discredited NPU officials who also were removed from office on 30th December 2021 during the Annual General Meeting of Nawfia Progressive Union in line with sections 69 and 73 of Nawfia Constitution 2013 with an alleged murder case arising from an ill-fated land grabbing activity at Agu Uruoji, Nawfia in January 2022.

Igwe Daniel Obelle maintained that the primary election for Igwe of Nawfia stool conducted on 31st December, 2020 by Ifite Mkpunese Quarters has a video evidence. He said the same dramatis personae is trying to propagate and usurp the power of one half of Nawfia to nominate a candidate of their choice as Igwe against the collective will of the people. That never again will Nawfia people be subjected to a reign of holocaust where they are seen as subjects that should be trampled upon. That Nawfia will no longer be a town where predators feast on their preys without recourse to the sanctity of their fundamental rights as human beings.

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Igwe Daniel Obelle who stated that his ascension to the throne of Nawfia kingdom marked the beginning of emancipation of the people of Nawfia from 20 years of tyranny, underdevelopment and lack of government presence, noted that erosion and land degradation are the greatest environmental problems of Nawfia.

In spite of his personal humanitarian cum development programmes in the community prior to his advent as traditional ruler of Nawfia, His Royal Highness Igwe Sir (Dr) Ogochukwu Daniel Obelle categorically stated that his reign will foster a paradigm shift in interpersonal and group relationships; restore honour and dignity of the office of Igwe; enthrone fairness in the treatment of fellow citizens; advance scholarship schemes, vocational and skill acquisitions; carry out developmental projects; uphold the customs and traditions of Nawfia; foster cohesion and harmony with the Anambra State Government.

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He believes very strongly that it is the dawn of a new chapter in the history of Nawfia for the people to be freed from the clutches and captivity of one he described as a tyrant and despotic paramount ruler whom he said referred to his fellow citizens as subjects for more than two decades on the throne of their forefathers. Meanwhile, one of the candidates in the contest for the traditional stool of Nawfia who also described himself as His Royal Highness Igwe Sir Dr. Shedrack Chinwuba Moguluwa and winner of the contest for Igwe Nawfia, disclosed that as it stands in the present circumstance, only the court can determine who Igwe Nawfia really is. Another contestant for the throne of Nawfia kingdom one Chief Nonyelu Okoye declined phone interview with our correspondent on the grounds that he can not respond to questions from an unknown person over the phone even when the reporter properly introduced himself.

From all indications, it is clear as crystal that despite the incursions of malignant and malevolent forces calculated to put a cog in the wheel of progress of Nawfia town, the will of the people prevailed in the selection and election of HRH Igwe Sir Dr. Ogochukwu Daniel Obelle as the new and authentic traditional ruler of Nawfia community as he assured the people on the day of his coronation ceremony on 19th March, 2022 that he has come to separate light from darkness and to bring salvation to Nawfia people.

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