Police in Kwara allegedly dump boy in front of his hostel after he became unconscious in their custody

Police in Kwara allegedly dump boy in front of his hostel

Speaking from his hospital bed, the victim whonis an international student, said he was with two of his friends when some police officers accosted them and ordered them to enter their vehicle. 

He said the officers identified one of them and asked him to go while they told him and his other friend to enter their vehicle. He said the officers asked for their phones and they surrendered them to the officers. He said after searching their phones and not finding anything incriminating, the officers turned to his friend and asked him why he wasn’t into “Yahoo Yahoo”. He said he mentioned to his friend not to answer the question and this irked the officers who then started beating him. He said the officers took them to the station, collected their phones and then threw them into the cell. He said he started becoming unconscious inside the cell and the officers then brought him out and took him to his hostel where they dumped him.

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The caretaker of the hostel confirmed the incident and said the officers did not move as they saw him rushing the victim to the hospital.

The spokesperson of the state police command, SP Okasanmi Ajayi while reacting to the allegations, said ”This allegation would be thoroughly investigated, it is very unprofessional if it truly happened the way the story was painted. I can assure you guys the needful would be done. Dm me the name and address of the hostel and hospital please.”

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