Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Reveals Why She Dated Falegan

Actress Nkechi Blessing Reveals Why She Dated Falegan

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, has revealed why she dated her ex, Opeyemi Falegan.

In a chat with the YourView team on Television Continental on Thursday, the actress, whose relationship with Falegan had trended on social media claimed that he had been a rebound romance and not love.

She said, “I recently broke out from a relationship, my ex who lives in America. In the heat of the break up, we were still trying to fix things, he started posting a girl, covering her face. Then, I realised there’s this man asking me out. Okay, fine man but he’s not.. in all ramifications of the kind of man I would want to date, he’s not one to 10. That was me trying to use him to get back at my ex. That was how I ended in a relationship. It was just rebound, it was not love. A lot of ladies make this mistake. They marry who they don’t really love because they are trying to get back at an ex.”

The break up of Sunday and Falegan had been a messy one on social media with both parties trading insults, curses and making allegations.

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