What Igwe Mbamalu Told Soludo At The Flag Off Of Mmili John Road Rehabilitation In Ojoto

What Igwe Mbamalu Told Soludo

…Dead bodies were occasionally found in these road. Sometimes with some body parts missing.

…We are complementing the efforts of the state government to eradicate cultism, consumption of illicit drugs

…Ojoto is one community that has over the years remained 100% loyal to APGA


It was all smile and a memorable day for the people of Ojoto in Idemili South local government area of Anambra state as Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo flaged-off the rehabilitation of Mmili John road.

The traditional rule of Ojoto kingdom, His Royal Highness (HRH) Igwe Gerald Obunadike Mbamalu (Ezeoranyelu 1, Eze Ojoto 111) in his speech at the flag-off described Soludo as a dedicated, focus and hardworking leader and an answered prayer to ndi-Anambra

In his words “We thank the governor who graciously made out time to bring home to us some benefits of his stewardship as our father and brother. It is with pure and undiluted joy that we welcome Your excellency and your entourage to our town as we also assure you that Ojoto is also your town.

“Ojoto is the seat of the government of idemili South Local Government Area. It consists of eight villages and is divided geographically by nature into two parts, with four of those villages on either side and the famous Mmili John River sitting at the middle like an istand.

“Mmili John Road is the major road in Ojoto and the major symbol of government presence in our Community. This road is of immense significance not only to our community but also to the entire people of Anambra State and indeed Igboland as a whole. It serves as a link road to many towns as well as an escape route from many locations in our state.

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“It is pertinent to state clearly that this same road is the key connection between the two geographical parts of Ojoto as communication and all forms of interaction between the two parts would be terribly impaired if the road is not safe and in a good condition. In the light of this indisputable reality. one can easily appreciate the depth of our joy and gratitude to Your Excellency our Governor for promptly responding to our cry as regarding the dilapidated condition of the vital Mmili Jonn Rood and the danger the situation has been posing to all who use the road.

“At some point, hoodilums and sundry criminal elements took over the road. perpetrating all manner of evil there, particularly on the axis of Mmili John River where people were robbed. kidnapped or even killed. Dead bodies were occasionally found there. sometimes with some body parts missing. The Ojoto Igwe in-Council, in colaboration with the Ojoto Akanasato Union and its able Presdent-General, mobilized our youths under the union of the Ojoto Vigilante Service to Patrol the road On a 24-hour basis. This is an ongoing exercise and we have been able to reduce crimes on the road and in our town to their barest miramum.

“We request the state government to complete the street light project which terminated some distance before the river both siges. This leaves the area in pitch darkness at night, thus making it easy for criminal elements to operate there freely once nightfall sets.

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“Apart from the security menace, Ojoto is also grappling with debilitating effects of erosion particularly In Ire Village where many homes and roads have been eaten. This challenge is beyond our capacity.

“Our people have executed a lot of self-help projects to make life more meaningful for Ndi Ojoto and all who live among us. We have built and tarred some roads, provided boreholes for water supply, renovated and equipped clinics and schools

“A lot, however, needs to be done. As a community, we are complementing the efforts of the state government to eradicate cultism and the sale and consumption of illicit drugs by launching our own initiative called Movement Against Cultism and Iiticit Drugs. The movement operates like a foundation and educates our youths on the devastating dangers of those social vices, discouraging them from getting

“Some of our roads remain practically impassable. The immediate past government of our state about six years ago, awarded to Pachuks Engineering Ltd the contract for the construction and tarring of two major roads in our community but the work was abandoned.

“These two important roads lead to Eke Ojo, venue of Egwueke, our most prominent annual cultural festival which is a tourist attraction. We appeal to Your Excellency to kindly revisit that contract and salvage these roads.

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“Ojoto is one community that has over the years remained 100% loyal to APGA, the ruling party in our dear state. My people have started wondering if our unalloyed loyalty does not count for much. This is because our sons and daughters are not considered for meaningful appointments by the state government. We thank Your Excellency in a special way for boosting our faith in the new dawn and dousing our fear. Now we know that we can confidently look forward to tomorrow with positive expectations. We thank you very much, Sir, and assure you of our contined loyalty and co-operation with your government maka na nke a bu nke

“Your Exceilency, Sir, we humbly request for a few minutes of your valuable time to take you On a quick but vital excursion to a few places in our town that we consider will be of interest to you, We shall be indeed obliged if you grant our request.

Finally, Your Excellency, we heartily welcome you and your team to Ojoto. The memory of the time you spend among your subjects here will be indelible in our hearts. We are sure that you will find it memorable. Thank you for remembering us.

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