2023: Tinubu is my elder brother but he has done his bit – Peter Obi

Peter Obi

Tinubu is my respected elder brother and of course I respect him for who he is. Everyone has contributed one way or the other in the past and they have to be respected and recognized in due time, but I just tried to explain that he’s because they contributed in the past and everything doesn’t necessarily mean that oh well they have to stay forever and ever. It’s like Brazil today. They recognise that Pele was sometime a star, but they’re not going to field him in today’s match. Things have to move on.

“My supporters will agree with me.. I was brought up to respect my seniors, especially when my seniors have, one way or the other, contributed. They have done their own bit. Their bit might not be the best, but we have to recognise it, that there was a time that these people helped to keep the whole thing going. We don’t have to throw them away.

“The only thing I’m saying is where we are today requires somebody with a character we can trust, competence, capacity, commitment. It is a job that requires physical and mental energy, because the country is in a mess. And we need to deal with it. It’s a 24-hours job.“

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