I lost my office because of Peter Obi – Dan Ulasi

Peter Obi, Dan Ulasi

Former Chairman, PDP, Anambra State, said that he cried and told Peter Obi when he came to his house that he lost his office because of Peter Obi.

Dan Ulasi shared the story when he was asked about his view on the aspiration of Peter Obi to become the Nigerian president and also the expectation of some people in the southeast who believe that all southeast elites should queue behind Peter Obi.

Dan Ulasi responded that he was not expecting the question but he would say that of all those who are clamouring for Peter Obi, he does not think anybody has supported him in the past as much as he did.

He narrated that he was chairman of the PDP in Anambra state when they put Ngige in as governor. He said he was the chairman of the party and was on television to say that it was Peter Obi who won the election and not Ngige. He said when he said that he did not know who Peter Obi was, but people accused him of collecting 50 million naira from Peter Obi, and so he was removed as chairman of PDP.

He said a week after that, his now-late master came to his house with a young man and said, “This is Peter Obi.” He said tears rolled down from his eyes and he told Peter Obi, “Oga, I just lost my office because of you and I never met you”.

He said what he disagrees with now is that some of those who support Peter Obi tend to make him look like he’s an Igbo candidate.

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