Emeka Ihedioha Cannot Run From Justice

Emeka Ihedioha

It is has come to our attention the attitude of EMEKA IHEDIOHA in trying to delay and deny justice against the probe of his illegitimate administration of 8 months.

It will be recalled that the Imo state government had approved the request of the Auditor General for Local Governments and Chieftaincy Affairs, to take all necessary steps to recover the sum of N19.63Billion siphoned from the State-Local Government Joint Accounts Allocation Committee (JAAC), through the Bureau for Local government and Chieftaincy Affairs (BLGCA), by the sacked government of Emeka Ihedioha, in just 8 months in office.

“The staggering amount was siphoned for undisclosed purposes.”
The State commissioner for Information and Strategy, stated the N19.63Billion misappropriated Funds was discovered during a routine Audit of the Accounts and Records of JAAC with the Bureau for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs by the Local Government Auditor General for the fiscal year ended 31/12/2019.

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The Government’s action was in line with the NEW IMO Agenda to entrench a resilient and transparent Public Service and restore financial discipline and Rule of law premised on extant laws pertaining to the Custody, Management and Appropriation of Public Funds.

J.A.A.C. was set up by law and disbursements of L.G.As Funds is guided by Model Financial Memorandum and other extant laws on custody, and management and audit of the said entity.

We regret that the money was illegally withdrawn from J.A.A.C. account without any Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) or Stores Receipt Vouchers  (S.R.V.)  or  Stores  Issue Vouchers (S.I.V.) in accordance with extant laws.

We hold that Some of the agents used by Ihedioha’s government to siphon the billions of Naira include; The Managing Director of Wall House Ltd., a crony of the sacked governor, who was paid N1.215 billion for supply of construction equipment without any document, which he didn’t supply. There was also an unconscionable mandatory withdrawal of N2.405 Billion by the Bureau for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs (BLGCA).

Other payment of N9.378Billion to Local Government councils for an undisclosed purpose. Also Mr Anyama and co. received N245 Million for no disclosed purpose.

We uncovered also Other fictitious and fraudulent withdrawals which include compulsory returns or kick- backs from Local Government Councils to the BLGCA to the tune of N2.404Billion. This was deducted from the allocated funds of the L.G.A.’s.
Payment of N245Million to Raphael Anyama & Co. (Chartered Accountants) from Rural Roads Account without payment vouchers or approvals.

Payments made through the banks without payment vouchers or evidence of expenditure to the tune of N3.332Billion.

Most Curious phenomenon was where N25Million was paid  twice to the Principal Secretary to the governor in December 2019 as security vote.

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Emeka IHEDIOHA should then focus on how to face the dance of the law .

To this end, IMO COALITION FOR JUSTICES, PEACE & TRUE DEMOCRACY , being a law-abiding citizens of Nigeria calls on behalf of ndi Imo to continue with the probe of Emeka Ihedioha and to ensure justice is delivered.

Ahumareze ikechukwu

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