Imo IPAC Leadership Led By Ichie Levi Ekeh Not Dissolved

Imo IPAC Leadership

The Inter-party Advisory council, an umbrella body for all the registered 18 political parties in Nigeria. This council is saddled to promoting good governance and dialogue among political parties. The body was set up by the Independent National Electoral Commission to bring cohesion among the different political parties. This council is established in every state for this noble intention.

Recently, the functional and effective Imo IPAC leadership led by Iche Levi Ekeh has received with dismay some fake, mischievous and misleading publications made in some media over a purported dissolution of the council leadership of Imo. In one of the publications that reads “IPAC DISSOLVES EXCOS IN IMO”.

This is indeed coming from a group of miscreants, power mongers and puppets planted by some unpatriotic political Bigwigs in Imo State who always try to hijack this noble council for their selfish benefits against the general interest.

For the sake of putting the records straight, not allowing this malicious, fake and misleading claims made by these few “cohorts of Nuisance” led by one Mr. Ahaneku Uchendu.

The Ichie Levi Ekeh leadership is the legitimate leadership of Imo IPAC whose election was duly conducted by the National body and monitored by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in line with the code of conduct of IPAC.

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The election was conducted some months ago that ushered in Ichie Levi Ekeh (Chairman) Hon. Ferdinand Chinedu Uzoigwe (Deputy Chairman), Hon. Edoziem Clinton as the scribe of the council and other elected members who are still running the affairs of the council under the code of conduct for this period with credibility, no compromise and integrity.

This scared and brought these few cohorts to the conclusion that they have lost out in the affairs of Imo IPAC having seen the effectiveness and unity of purpose.

These aforementioned persons brought out one Mr. Uchendu who is a Factional Chairman of a political party. They have been against this duly elected executives of Imo IPAC right from the emergence. Also this was seen during the immediate past administration.

Unfortunately, they have channeled their energy in misleading efforts and high level of sabotage against the council’s objective. One of the sabotage was their perfected plans against the proposed Imo Peace Summit. They were head bent in making sure the summit doesn’t hold as planned.

Mr. Uchendu Ahaneku and cohorts have shown high level of unpatriotism by sabotaging and working against the proposed peace summit targeted for reducing the unfortunate insecurity in the state.

Though, the leadership of IPAC, for the sake of carrying all along, decided to call them to order in which they promised to turn good leaves.

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On this note, the chairman of IPAC, out of trust, decided and made Hon Diala Victor the central committee chairman and Mr. Ahaneku a sub-committee chairman for the forthcoming peace summit.

The council called them to explain on how they have gone having been mobilized with huge amount of money. This triggered them to come up with a plan of forming an illegal and fake leadership of IPAC where they made Mr. Ahaneku their interim chairman. This was very hilarious seeing unauthorized publications against the leadership of Imo IPAC not recognizing the code of conduct of the council.

This idea was also brought to diverting attention of the leadership over the said money given to them for the said peace summit. The leadership has made it known to the appropriate authorities and agencies. We shall exhaust all the responsible and legal means in retrieving this money. Believe, this money would be like “live ants” in their gullets.

Indeed, forming a fake leadership cannot stop us from retrieving the money and they will be dealt with accordingly under the code of conduct.

IPAC been an umbrella body saddled with the responsibility of advising the government for good governance, the electoral umpire for credible electoral processes and acceptable results should not be hijacked by party or Bigwigs thereby jeopardizing the effective objective of the noble council.

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Meanwhile, close to every election year, these unguided politicians with selfish and unreasonable interests always try to hijack IPAC. The leadership rejected this move by these unreasonable fellows hence resulted in this mischievous claims.

The few entities brought an unfounded accusation that the leadership opened an organizational account. While the leadership got an approval from the Imo Council and National body to open an account in Zenith Bank Plc. The letter of approval could be made public for more clarification.

The account was opened accordingly and the details were made available to the council. We wonder why these persons could engage in vituperations against this sincere leadership whose aim was to secure the finance of the council.

We therefore implore the public to always disregard all these fake, evil and malevolent claims of these unpatriotic persons who never considered the current security challenges and the polity of our state at this time.

Furthermore, the council has once again assures to deal with these miscreants.

Long live Imo State!
Long live IPAC!!

Ichie Levi Ekeh
imo IPAC Chairman

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