Moment San Anthonio police officer shoots at two unarmed teenagers eating McDonald’s in a car

Moment San Anthonio police officer shoots

Eric Cantu, 17, was sitting in a car with a 17-year-old female passenger when officer James Brennand fired at them.

Brennand responded to a call for disturbance on October 2 and was gathering information from witnesses when he saw Cantu’s vehicle and recognised it as one that evaded him the day before as he attempted a traffic stop.

Brennand then went to the car which was parked in a McDonald’s parking lot and opened the door to find two kids eating.

Cantu, who was unarmed and not violent, put the vehicle in reverse and Brennand opened fire.

The officer shot at least 10 times and Cantu was hit 4 times.

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He survived.

Brennand has been fired by the SAPD.

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