Signs that show you are perfectly healthy

Signs that show you are perfectly healthy

According to healthline, there are many reasons why we worry about our health without an obvious problem. Some of us just happen to be a little hypochondriac.

Others fear that they will eventually pay the price for neglecting their bodies. At the same time, hard work hours and the physical symptoms of stress certainly don’t help us feel the well-being that typically accompanies good health. However, our bodies have many ways of talking to us. The following are some of the ways it uses to tell us that all is well.

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You have a stable cycle

A stable menstrual cycle of 27 to 35 days shows that both your hormones and body weight are under control.

You have lush hair and strong nails

In addition to their aesthetic benefits, these features show you are probably not experiencing a severe deficiency in iron, vitamin D and other nutrients.

Your energy is high and steady

If your adrenal glands are functioning healthily and your blood sugar levels are stable, your energy will be high when you wake up and will remain steady throughout the day.

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No (severe) headaches

Most of us don’t avoid a headache during the eight-hour period. However, when we are healthy, they soon subside. If yours have become very persistent and do not respond to medication, it is advisable to see a doctor.

Your urine is clear

Light-coloured urine is a sign that you are drinking enough water. On the contrary, if you notice that it is very dark, you are probably dehydrated. The presence of foam or blood may indicate a kidney dysfunction. Therefore, contact a doctor immediately if you notice this.

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You get a good night sleep

Quality sleep indicates a lot about both our physical and mental health. As well as a lack of stress, it shows that we probably don’t suffer from problems such as sleep apnea and acid reflux.

You rarely get sick

Most of us will ‘catch’ a cold once a year – and that’s perfectly normal. But if you spend whole months sick, you may be suffering from an undiagnosed allergy or sinusitis.

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