Analysing Peter Obi’s 7 Point Agenda

Peter obi Agenda

Analysing Peter-Ahmed’s 7 Point Agenda…(a series):

  1. Security and Unity

I almost stopped reading the rest of the 7 point agenda when I saw the number One point. I whispered to Myself – “This is It”. This is the 1st time a Presidential candidate is placing Security of Nigeria and Unity of Nigeria on the same Priority Level.
If you follow my platform, you will agree that I’m desperate for the unity of our country. I’m tired of the tribal cold war between the South and the North, the Ecclesio-Islamophobia between Christians and Muslims, and APC’s Divide to Conquer politics. The major cause of insecurity in Nigeria is disunity. Several years ago, on my way from Jigawa State to Abuja, I and my team encountered terrorists around Zaria. They stopped buses and asked passengers to recite Islamic prayers. Those who couldn’t were kilIed while those who did were spared. In the South, Northerners have also been kiIled in such manner. So disunity, tribal and religious cold wars are major causes of insecurity in Nigeria. We can’t continue like this. I don’t know Peter Obi from Adam besides his position as Former governor of a State, but when I listened to him, observed his attitude to critics, I knew that we have found a true unifier. I don’t care whether he is Igbo or married from Akwa Ibom, I am looking for a leader who will unify our people, inspire love and patriotism, secure Nigeria and make it safe for an Ahmed to safely live in ABA, work in ABA and even contest for Elections in ABA and vice versa.

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The new Nigeria must be characterized by Nationhood over tribalism. We are Nigerians first before our religions, tribes etc.

Unfortunately, the APC have been waiting for Peter Obi to publish his manifesto so they can copy and paste. Any APC member who comments here should do so carefully because you can’t criticize what you can’t produce.

It’s only 135 days to the elections, make up your mind to vote Peter and Ahmed for a New Secured and United Nigeria. The labour Party has demonstrated Unity in deed, unlike the PDP who sing the song of unity but dance to a the beats of Vawulence.

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Wait for my series on Peter-Ahmed’s 7 Point Agenda – this is the answer to your prayers for Nigeria. Don’t fight the answer.

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