Peter Obi Is Like John The Baptist Of The Bible In Nigeria Politics Today

Peter Obi

The presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi is like John the Baptist in the Bible, he is only preparing the way for future Igbo president.

Igbo will surely become president of Federal Republic of Nigeria in one chilled day but not in this era.

Igbo needs to put their house in order and cultivate cordial relationship within the Igbos both in home and diaspora and extend such cordiality to other tribes in south-east region.

The disunity within the Igbo elites, followers and other tribes in south-east region is the cogent dysfunctional cog in the functional wheel of the Igbos.

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Let me personified here that the Igbos are living in politics but politics is not living in them. Yes, Igbos are living in a fruitful political corridor but don’t know how to liquidize the sweetened juice of politics to attract other tribes.

If Igbos want to be sincerely a president of Federal Republic of Nigeria, they need to create a spirit of oneness within the south-east region and successfully ushered the political giant whales in the region into a mini swimming pool, otherwise, Igbos presidential ambition will be like a comic cartoon.

No kingdom stands on disunity and succeed.

Good Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.

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