2023: Dr. Chukwuemeka Outlines Plans For His Constituency

Dr. Chukwuemeka

… Our people deserve more than a mediocre in the House of Assembly

By: IFEANYI Okonkwo

The Labour Party Candidate, for Anambra State House of Assembly, Anambra West Constituency Dr. Festus Omaremi Chukwuemeka, releases his manifesto. This was released during an exclusive interview held earlier today, 14th October, 2022.

Speaking during the interview, Dr. Festus enumerated the 7 points agenda he has for the good people of Ndi Anambra West when elected into office.


The legislative business is a very sensitive aspect of governance that requires the services of personalities with remarkable level of passion, intellectualism, competence, capacity, commitment, preparedness and so on. I obviously have the needed wherewithal to practically project the collective voice and interest of the people of Anambra West in the hallowed Chamber, when elected. Without an iota of doubt, I am strategically imbedded with the required competent-capacity in all fronts to offer selfless and quality based representation, if given the mandate.

Our people deserve more than a mediocre in the House to redefine what a true legislator is all about. I have the burning desire to competitively represent my people. Promotion and persistent maintenance of cordial relationship with my constituents will definitely not be left out in my representation.


Education is one key sector no government or society can do without. Its indispensability to humanity cannot in any way be exaggerated. It is on this premise that I have decided to make pragmatic cum result oriented input towards revamping the educational system across our constituency, when elected.

As an educationist/Oracle, I will consciously achieve this by creating the enabling atmosphere for healthy teaching/ learning to strive without limitations. This invariably connotes that eligibly certified teachers must be in place to render effective teaching in our classrooms. Efforts will be made to rejuvenate academic activities such as; inter -school quiz, debate, essay writing competitions and so on, in our school system across the entire constituency to ensure the availability of globally competitive students at all levels. To actualize this, the right instructional materials must be made available in all schools, with our Libraries and laboratories remarkably equipped, to ensure effectiveness in the teaching/learning.

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Motivational incentives for teachers so as to extract the best from them will equally be given its deserving attention. Above all, any proposal that is capable of enhancing high standard of education in the constituency will be given utmost priority with my legislative influence without hesitation.


One of the official duties of a functional lawmaker apart from legislating, is to ensure that his or her constituents fairly benefit from the general infrastructural development blueprints of the Government enthroned in the state. Any lawmaker that fails to acknowledge the attraction of meaningful projects such as; roads, bridges, landing jetty, Health Facilities, School Buildings and so on, as part of his/her primary function is hitherto misfit to represent a people in any circumstance.

This is what informed my quest and desire to facilitate and influence infrastructural development to my dear constituency, if returned elected at the general poll, as your amiable representative in the Anambra State House of Assembly. As a matter of fact, we strongly desire good road network across our constituency, as the economic benefits attributed to the availability of strategic road network in any city or community cannot be overstressed.

If given the mandate, I can assure my constituents to a commendable extent, that they will experience and witness laudable developmental strides that will stand the test of time under my representation.


The hazard caused by unemployment and lack of empowerment measures in our society is better told than experienced. Today, unemployment is considered to be a bane nation wide. Most of the banditry and other nefarious activities perpetrated within our communities, are largely anchored on unemployment and lack of empowerment schemes, especially for our teaming youths.

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Essentially, to curb this, I intend to take the bold step in altering the narratives within our constituency, if duly elected. Data base of employable constituents will be collated, in order to enable us fix in people whenever there is any employment opportunity both at the Federal, State and Local Government level. Practical empowerment schemes such as; skill acquisition programs, soft loans and other licit channels of financial assistance mechanisms will be enhanced and encouraged to aid our people for self-reliance. This alone can go a very long way in ameliorating, if not eradicating criminal activities in our constituency. This will equally boost the economy of our dear people.


The fact that we are predominantly agrarians cannot be negated. This agrarian disposition which gives us edge and advantage over many others in the comity of farmers, must be rightfully utilized, when I assume office as your representative. We all have acquaintance of the strategic role played and relevant place Agriculture occupies in the global economic scene. I am passion vested to deliberately take steps towards improving the Agricultural status of our people.

Our farmers will be assisted to benefit from existing Agricultural schemes, as I will further influence soft loans for our beloved people to ensure a smooth and successful farming process. Mechanized farming will be highly encouraged to ensure commercialized status. Assorted stems will equally be procured for our people for planting process and I will make sure I build a central market for farm products in Anambra west instead of crossing to Delta state( Asaba and Ilah) before we can sell our farm products.

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One of the leading causes of child and maternal mortality, especially during childbirth, is said to be lack of proper health-care service delivery and lack of availability of relevant medical equipment cum practitioners in our rural areas. My sincere aim therefore, when returned elected, is to make conscious effort in positively influencing to ensure our people get deserving health care service delivery at very affordable rate.

Erection of cottage hospitals at suitable locations across the constituency, equipment and placement of qualified medical staff will be encouraged to curb the menace of uncontrollable mortality at all levels.


The importance of electricity to the human existence cannot in any way be exaggerated. Apart from the domestic usage of electric power supply, both small scale, medium scale and large scale business holders inevitably need power supply to sustain their businesses. Electricity is arguably one of the most crucial sectors in any society.

Factually, almost all businesses and commercial activities need power supply to function as anticipated. There is no doubt about the fact that our people need a remarkable level, if not constant power supply for a comfortable living. My role therefore, if elected, is to influence the speedy completion of already initiated electrification projects, and equally scheme for the commencement of new ones to cover all quarters of our constituency with visible power supply.

More so, connection of our diverse communities to the National Grid will equally be persistently encouraged and agitated for. I will never live any stone unturned in the struggle for lighting up every nuke and cranny of our dear constituency.

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