Why Peter Obi Will Not Retire Atiku: My Chat With An Obidient

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Why Peter Obi Will Not Retire Atiku: My chat with an Obidient…

Obidient: Oga Charles, I saw where you said that Peter Obi will retire Atiku.

Me: Yes. After 2023, Peter Obi will retire Atiku.

Obidient: Oga Charles, I don’t agree with you.

Me: Peter Obi will retire Atiku.

Obidient: Oga Charles, I know Peter Obi will win the election in 2023. But Atiku will contest again in 2027. He will be 79 years old then. Peter Obi will win him again. If he’s still alive in 2031, at age 83, he will contest again but he may reduce his age to 71 like Tinubu. His supporters will fight for him and insist that he is 71 in 2031. Oga Charles, nothing can retire Nigerian politicians except death. Peter Obi will not retire Atiku – Atiku is a chronic contestant.

Me: hmmmm….Why are you so sure that Atiku will contest again if he loses in 2023?

Obidient: Oga, some of these chronic contestants use elections to launder money. The money donations for their campaign from their friends etc appear innocent but that’s actually a money cleansing strategy. Have they ever audited their campaign accounts? Oga Charles, these people are deep oh.

Me: I am definitely naive. I think say I dey woke but this one pass me.

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Obidient: Peter Obi penetrated their entire system, learnt their secrets and is currently holding them by their scrotum. They are all afraid of him. They are weak but will never surrender. But Time is not on their side. It’s a new dawn.

Me: oh boy, abeg make I post this conversation oh.

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